We at Nidanam offers specialized training programs for you to learn ayurveda and panchkarma treatments.

Course – Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapist
Course type – certificate program
Duration – 15 days

Panchkarma, as we know is a set of 5 procedures done to make body toxin free. It is basically done to regain the balances of dosha back to normal. In ayurveda, we achieve cure only when we are able to balance all the three doshas to normal. Panchkarma does it easily. Human in ayurveda is called PURUSHA. Purusha is a combination of many things that include mind, body, senses as well as soul or aatma. Main aim of the treatment in ayurveda is to bring about complete harmony in the imbalances caused in parusha. Hence treating the root cause of a problem or a disease.
With the help of panchkarma therapist course one can easily make a diseased person achieve the detoxification. It is extremely beneficial. In this course we focus on following.

  • Cause of the disease
  • Shodhana (detoxifications)
  • Vamanam (therapeutic emesis)
  • Virechanam (therapeutic purgation)
  • Vasti/basti (therapeutic enema)
  • Nasyam (nasal therapy) and
  • Raktamokshanam (therapeutic blood-letting)

This course will help in understanding the basic fundamental and principles of ayurveda. It also helps in understanding a disease and its ayurvedic treatment approach.
Benefits of the course

It is extremely beneficial in both personal and professional way. You can use it on you as well as your clients. It will have you better understanding about the human body, its physiology as well as about diseases. The certificate provided by us also gives you certification to use that at your workplace without any worry.

  • Helps in learning and identifying body types in ayurvedic way
  • Helps in recognizing the main cause of the problem so that you may eradicate it easily.
  • Helps in recognizing various diseases that needs detoxification and purification with the aid of panchkarma
  • Helps in selection of various panchkarma therapies in various diseases
  • Helps in performing various allied panchkarma treatment like snehan (that includes abyangam -ayurvedc oil massage) and svedanam (formentation of 14 types)
  • Perform all the panchkarma tretements like Vamana (therapeutic emesis), Virechana (therapeutic purgation), Vasti (therapeutic enema), Nasya (nasal therapy) and Raktamokshana (therapeutic blood-letting)
  • Helps you in assisting ayurvedic doctor in performing various ayurvedic procedures
  • Helps in managing diets and establishing lifestyle after panchkaram procedure which comes under post panchkarma.

Course fee – 1500 USD
If interested post your details and write us to Courses@nidanam.com


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