Youth impotence

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Impotence means inability to reproduce or satisfy your partner fully well in terms of sexual pleasure. At the same time, the sufferer is not able to get full sexual satisfaction himself due to impotence. Although this condition is mostly found in men of middle age or old age however large numbers of youngsters may also be seen suffering from this condition. It is because young people wish to have sexual experience even before their sexual organs have fully developed or matured. This in turn results in weakness of the sexual as well as reproductive system and hence causes impotence.

Apart from this, some wrong habits, improper eating habits, wrong lifestyle and excessive indulgence in masturbation may also result in youth impotence. It is but obvious that sex is also a basic and important physical necessity. It is especially true for the young generation. Unfortunately, youngsters have to suffer a lot due to certain reasons and may also feel embarrassed in front of their partners due to non-fulfilment of the sexual urge of either or both of them. Youth impotence creates problems in the process of reproduction which in turn has an adverse effect on the emotional well-being of the concerned person.

What causes youth impotence?

Youth impotence may be caused due to multiple factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, injury to the spine, some disorder relevant to the nervous system, diabetes, hypertension, hormonal disorders, use of street drugs, obesity, venous leakage disorder etc. In addition to this, some physiological factors as well as specific lifestyle of the sufferer may also be responsible for causing youth impotence.

These may include stress, tension, depression, broken relationships, feelings of emotional insecurity, lack of confidence, guilt-feeling due to past sexual abuse, performance anxiety, feeling of nervousness during sexual intercourse etc.

Sometimes youth impotence may also be caused due to excessive masturbation even before puberty, disorders related to the prostate gland such as prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction, ecstasy or such feelings, and use of marijuana and methamphetamine.

How to prevent youth impotence?

Youth impotence may be prevented by paying attention to some points as given below.

  • Young men should pay attention to their diet. They should have well-balanced and nutritious diet so that the sexual organs may get all the essential nutrients required for normal and most optimal functions of the sexual and reproductive organs.
  • Physical activity is equally important as it helps in strengthening of the entire body including penis too.
  • Abstain from wrong habits such as smoking and alcohol as both these cast an adverse effect on the functions of the penis.
  • Never indulge in over-masturbation as it reduces the capacity of the penis and at the same time results in hormonal imbalance in the body. Masturbation before onset of puberty should be avoided in all situations and conditions.
  • Use of drugs for sexual arousal or for any other purpose is not at all recommendable. It certainly results in affecting the functions of the penis in a negative way.
  • Natural sex with a sex partner is the safe and perfect way to have to sexual pleasure. Therefore you must always carry out sex with a healthy sex partner only and that too by remaining within your physical limits


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