Weak erection – Sexual Weakness (मर्दाना कमज़ोरी का इलाज)

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Sexual activity which is one of the chief requirements of human body is performed well only with the help of strong erections achieved by men during sexual intercourse or sexual activity. Although most men achieve erections hard enough for fulfilment of sexual pleasure on the part of both the sex partners however large numbers of men suffer from weakness of penis or weaker erections due to certain reasons.

An erection can be said to be weak if the concerned person is not able to satisfy his sex partners fully well or appropriately. This in turn results in dissatisfaction on the part of both the sex partners. It is mainly caused due to inability of men to sustain their erections for sufficient time required for complete satisfaction of the two sex partners. As a result, disappointment and embarrassment haunt the mind of the sufferer.

Although most men suffer from weakness of penis or erections occasionally due to certain reasons such as physical or mental illness, lack of sexual desire due to certain reasons or frequent performance of sexual activity however occurrence of this problem more often is really a matter of concern. It is because weak erections keep both the sex partners physically unsatisfied which in turn results in frustration and other health issues. Therefore it is quite important to pay attention to this problem as soon as it is diagnosed or detected in the body.

What causes weak erections in men?

Weakness of erections in men may be caused due to multiple reasons. These may include lack of certain nutrients in diet that results in abnormal growth of the penis, poor flow of blood and oxygen to the penis, too much or frequent indulgence in sexual activity, over-masturbation and especially before puberty, chronic physical illness, certain mental disorders that result in lack of stimulus by the brain to the penis, some injury to the penis, advancement in age, use of certain drugs and medicines.

Major signs and symptoms of weak erection

The most evident and apparent symptom of weak erection is inability of men to sustain erections for long time or for time sufficient enough to offer complete sexual satisfaction to both the partners. Some men may achieve semi-hard or even soft erections but these are not capable of satisfying both the partners.
Limp, loose, sagging and drooping erection during sexual intercourse is another common sign of weak erection. Leaky penis or seminal leakage in excessive amounts which is followed by weaker erections is also a major symptom of weakness of penis or the erections. Staining or bruising of the penile tissue which in turn results in weak erections is also considered to be an important sign of weak erection.

How to make your erections strong?

It is but obvious that all men wish to have stronger and harder erections to enjoy physical activity fully well. For this, they may use some effective and safe techniques. Some of the effective techniques for strengthening of the penis include anal breathing, stretching of the penis, penis massage and jelqing technique.


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