Penis Pain and Injury

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Penis is one of the most important parts or organs of human body that help men to make their female sexual partners to bear children. It is because semen ejaculated from male penis is discharged into the vagina of females which in turn aids in the process of reproduction. In order to make sure that this genital organ of men i.e. penis enjoys good health, it is quite important that sexual activity is performed in an apt manner.

At the same time, it is also true that penis must be protected against any external injuries or painful conditions that may be caused due to any reasons. However, some men suffer from pain or injuries to the penis at one of time or the other in their life. Even performance of sexual activity in wrong way or by following a wrong posture may result in pain in the penis or some minor or even sometimes major injury to this sensual body organ.

Why do men suffer from penis pain and injury?

Although the exact cause of penis pain and injury may not be known at all the times however there are some common causes that may be held responsible for occurrence of injuries to the penis. One of the most common causes of penile pain and injury is sexual intercourse. Wrong sexual pose or exertion of excessive pressure during sexual intercourse may result in injury to the penis or minor pain.

Sometimes, lack of apt lubrication of the female genitals may result in roughness of the skin which in turn may cause some pain or injury to the penis. Overuse of penis pump for the purpose of penis enlargement or to treat impotence may also cause bursting of blood vessels of the penis which in turn results in formation of blisters.

Similarly, execution of certain penis exercises, numbness of the penis, damage caused to the blood vessels of the penis, persistent erection, fracture caused to the penis due to some accident or some other reasons, urethritis, retarded ejaculation etc. are some of the common causes of pain in the penis and injuries caused to the penis.

How do you know you have penile injuries or pain?

Most men experience mild to moderate to severe pain in the penis when they suffer from some sort of injuries or fractures to the penis. Sometimes, internal injuries to the penis may not get noticed and may not even cause any pain or discomfort. Such injuries may be characterized by certain signs and symptoms. There is intermittent pain around the penis and the entire genital area. The pain may aggravate during sexual intercourse or during urination.
There may be some dents, bleeding, bruise or increased sensitivity in the penis due to injury to the penis. Even some men may also suffer from sticky or pus-filled discharge from their penis during urination. It may be due to infection caused as a result of rupturing of the penile tissues caused due to injury to the penis. Some men may also notice change in the curvature of the penis while suffering from penis injury. Even there may be problems in penis erection.


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