Penis Enlargement (लिंग बड़ा करने के उपाय)

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Men and women are able to continue human race only due to the sexual activity taking place amid them. For this, both the sex partners need to have healthy sex organs. Regretfully, large numbers of males or men suffer from small size of penis. It may be due to any reasons.

Irrelevant of the causes behind small size of penis, it is an evident fact that men who suffer from this problem remain sexually unsatisfied. Same is true for their sex partners as well. It is because small size of penis makes it quite difficult for men to make their penis reach the sexual organs of their sex partners i.e. vagina of females. This in turn results in dissatisfaction and disappointment on the part of both the partners in terms of attainment of physical pleasure.

Apart from physical dissatisfaction, the male sex partners also suffer from certain mental or psychological issues such as stress, tension, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, embarrassment etc. The emotional and intimate relations of the couple are affected adversely due to small size of male penis.

What to do to deal with small penis size?

Men who suffer from small size of their penis may opt for penis enlargement techniques. It involves use of different types of stretching or some other exercises as well as other remedial measures so as to increase the size of the penis. Penis enlargement basically means increase in the size of the penis at the time of actual sexual activity.
The main aim of penis enlargement is to make the size of penis big enough so as to satisfy both the partners fully satisfied by deep penetration of the penis into the vagina of women. The penis enlargement involves increase in the length as well as girth of the penis so that men may be able to achieve harder, stronger and longer erections.

Techniques for penis enlargement

Various techniques are used to accomplish the task of penis enlargement. The major methods or techniques are as given below.

Penis stretch- It is one of the most effective and common techniques of penis enlargement that involves stretching of the penis in such a way that the tissues of the penis are expanded. Some sort of tugging and pulling is involved in this technique. It helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis and especially during sexual activity which in turn enhances the size of the penis.

Penis pump- It is a technique that involves use of a special device called as penile pump or penis pump. Although this technique was earlier used for treatment of erectile dysfunction however it is also used for the purpose of penis enlargement now-a-days.

Jelqing technique- It is such a technique in which men suffering from small size of the penis are required to perform milking movement of the penis. It helps in improving blood flow towards the penis which in turn increases its size naturally.

Additionally, there are some other techniques as well such as penis exercises, penis weights, and Kegel techniques.


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