Penis Curvature Problem – Peyronie disease (टेढ़े मेढ़े मुड़े हुए लिंग को सीधा करने का उपाय)

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Male penis is a sensitive body organ that suffers from numerous problems due to certain reasons. It is but obvious that penis also grows wit advancement in age similar to other body organs. Out of numerous diseases or disorders relevant to male penis, penis curvature is also a disease related to this important body organ. It is also called as Peyronie’s disease. It is a condition under which a hard and fibrous layer of scar tissue which is also called as plaque is formed or developed under the skin which in turn results in extreme or unnatural curving of the penis.

This type of curve is defective.

The condition of penis curvature arises during growth and development of the penis. During growth and hardening of the penis, the affected area of the penis is pulled to such an angle that it becomes quite defective. It is worth noting that penis curvature is a painful and discomforting condition but the plaque or hard/thick layer of penile soft tissue is non-cancerous. Men suffering from penis curvature suffer great pain and difficult during sexual intercourse or sexual activity.

What are the major causes of penis curvature?

Penis curvature may be caused in the body due to multiple reasons such as forceful sexual intercourse that results in penis injury. Even an accidental injury may also result in penis curvature. Due to such injuries, the tissues of the penis undergo damage which in turn results in rupturing of the blood vessels and in turn internal bleeding inside the penis.

Apart from this, vigorous or forceful masturbation may also result in penis curvature due to excessive rubbing. Weak and poor development of the penile tissues during growth years may also result in penis curvature. Use of drugs for the treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure or other serious health issues such as heart problems, multiple sclerosis, seizures, glaucoma etc. may also lead to penis curvature ultimately.

Autoimmune disorders and genetic or hereditary factors may also result in penis curvature. Wearing of tight clothes and especially underwear and sleeping on the belly for long time periods may also have an adverse effect on the penis curvature. Some men have defective penis curvature right from their birth.

Chief signs and symptoms of penis curvature

The signs and symptoms of penis curvature or Peyronie’s syndrome may appear abruptly or gradually. Some of the common signs and symptoms of penis curvature include bend or curve in the penis during erection and experience of pain during erection. People suffering from penis curvature also suffer from shrinkage or shortening of the penis. Weakness of erections or impotence in men is also a clear symptom of penis curvature.

Appearance of a thick band of hard tissues on one of more sides of the penis also indicates towards the condition of penis curvature. Indentation of the penis or hourglass-shaped of the penis during erection is also an important characteristic of penis curvature. Apart from this, men suffering from penis curvature also complain of or suffer from premature ejaculation or poor orgasms.


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