Bresup- Natural Breast Toner Spray Oil for Enlargement 100% Natural

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Natural Breast Enlargement

BresUp Breast oil is an herbal product that is invaluable traditional Ayurveda herbal extract from herbs like Shatavari and Ashwagandha which without any doubt helps women gain round breasts with fullness and beautiful shape naturally.

The natural hormones in plants called phytoestrogens from shatavari resembles hormone estrogen present in woman’s body and supplies the right dosage of estrogen and its effect that are required and provides same action  thus providing breast fatty tissues and the development of mammary glands which will completely improve the breast size with larger and fuller bust line.

The ingredients of BresUp are combined with til oil that helps in proving nourishment as well as moisture to the skin making it suppler, smoother, and tighter. Women can see the difference of their breast curves within one month. With regular use of BresUp Oil as directed will help a woman to improve breast size as well making them beautiful thus giving you younger look. Therefore it provides breast volume and good cleavage. Breast Oil regenerates the fresh and young feeling to women once again.


  • BresUp is formulated with phytoestrogens that initiates the improvement of mammary glands making bigger and firmer breast
  • It helps in regeneration as well as helps in developing the breast tissues and cells.
  • Bresup oil helps in enhancing the adipose tissues in the breast thus improving the bust line.
  • Bresup oil helps in improving volume as well as cleavage of breasts
  • It also helps in enhancing the naturally fuller as well as more natural breast curves
  • It helps in providing smooth skin by supplying natural collagen and rehydrating it to give smoothen skin


Bresup oil is enriched with miraculous herb like Shatavari and Ashwagandha that has been known since centuries for their effect on breast tissues.

BresUp is an renowned ayurvedic herbal product that has been composed of herbs like Shatavari and Ashwagandha that helps in providng firmness and enlargement of breast tissue. It also improves the sin texture making sin sublte and smooth.

* Result may vary from person to person.
* Approximate breast enhancement is 1-2 cup size increase.
* Recommend to be used for about 6 months for good results.


  • Ashwagandha (withinia somnifera),
  • lodhra (symplocos racemosus)
  • Pippali (piper longum)
  • Kasis (Iron)
  • Shriparni (Gmelina arborea)
  • Shatavri (asparagus racemosus)
  • Chandan (pterocarpus santalinus)
  • Til tail (sesamum indicum)

Active Ingredients

Shatavari Extract: Shatavari the well-known Indian herbal plant that is enriched with phyto-estrogens that help in stimulating the growth of breasts tissues and promotes firmness and massy breast by stimulating the development of mammary glands. It also helps in providing rehydration and nourishment to the breast tissue thus making skin smooth and youthful.


Apply the oil on each breast and massage gently in a circular motion for about two to five minutes two times a day.

3 reviews for Bresup- Natural Breast Toner Spray Oil for Enlargement 100% Natural

  • Anupreet

    Hello , I am Anupreet

    I am very happy with the use of Bresup oil. It has helped me a lot. Thanks Dr. Jyotiraditya.

  • Sunny Lee

    Hi, I am Sunny Lee

    I am from China, I had small bosom and found my self unattractive. I ordered Bresup Oil from My life has changed since then. I have significant increase in my brest size and now dresses looks good at me. I am happy with the results. Even my skin texture around the breast has improved. I am thankful to the makers’ of Bresup.

    Sunny Lee, Guangzhou, China

  • Sophie

    Hi I am Sophie

    I always had a doubt with the breast enhancement products that Are they really effective. But I took a step ahead and ordered Nidanam BresUp oil as it was being conceived by Dr. Jyotiraditya, A renowned ayurvedic physician from India. After using this product for about 3 months I noticed significant changes in the size of breast and also had gained firmness which I lost after delivereing my second child. I am very saticfied with the results that I got using Bresup oil. I am still using it and now confident that will get more results.

    Sophie, NY, USA

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