Girls Periods Problem – Menopause Health Pack (रजोनिवृत्ती आणि आयुर्वेद – मासिक धर्म के उपचार)

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Menopause is a common condition in the lifecycle of women. It is mostly experienced by women in the middle years of their life. Similarly, men also suffer from male menopause which is termed as andropause in medical science. It is a condition when men suffer from low level of sexual hormones. There is considerable fall in the level of testosterone hormone which is mainly responsible in arousing men for the sexual activity. Due to physical and hormonal changes taking place in the body, men experience lack of sexual desire. This condition arises with advancement in age. Additionally, some other symptoms are also noticed along with lack or loss of sexual desire.

Factors responsible for causing male menopause

As mentioned above, the chief factor responsible for occurrence of male menopause is the gradual decrease in the level of hormone named as testosterone. At the same time, there is rise in the level of SHBG i.e. Sex hormone binding protein which is responsible for reducing the functional capacity and efficiency of the testosterone hormone available in the body.

Due to fall in the level of this chief steroid hormone i.e. testosterone, the men are not able to get aroused appropriately for sexual activity. Also their sexual performance decreases considerably. The reason for reduction in the level of testosterone or male sex hormone is advancement in age.

Due to advancing age, this hormone is not produced in enough or required quantities by the testicles and the adrenal glands. It is to be noted that andropause may occur at an early age in some men especially those suffering from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and high levels of lipids in the body.

Symptoms or indicatives of male menopause

As women experience or notice certain signs and symptoms of menopause similarly men also experience certain signs and symptoms as mentioned below.

  • There is considerable decrease in sexual drive and sexual desire in men when they suffer from male menopause or andropause. They do not get aroused instantly even after getting enough and required stimulus for the same.
  • Another common and most evident symptom of male menopause is weakness of the erections. The men passing through male menopause or andropause are not able to achieve harder and stronger erections.
  • There is constant feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness when men suffer from andropause.
  • The concerned men also suffer from moodiness or mood swings. At times, they may be extremely happy while on some other times they may suffer from unhappiness.
  • When men suffer from andropause then they also suffer from lack of concentration and considerable reduction in memory. Such men lose the ability to concentrate on anything properly and at the same time may not keep things in their memory for long time.
  • Stress, tension, depression, anxiousness and nervousness plus lack of confidence are some of the mental states from which men suffer when they pass through male menopause.
  • There is considerable reduction in physical stamina of men during stage of male menopause.
  • During male menopause, men lose interest in routine activities.


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