Leaky penis Problem – Spermatorrhea (धात रोग और लिंग की कमजोरी)

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Ejaculation of semen from the penis during sexual intercourse is a natural phenomenon. But some men suffer from the problem of leaky penis or seminal leakage. It means excessive amounts of pre-cum in the form of seminal fluid comes out of the penis involuntarily or automatically. The ejaculation of semen during actual sexual intercourse takes place voluntarily. On the other hand, leaky penis is a condition when the seminal fluid leaks out of the penis without the control of the sufferer.

Under normal conditions, some amount of pre-cum is essential or necessary so as to prepare the penis for ejaculation. When this condition exceeds limits then it starts creating side-effects or health hazards on the overall health of a person. The major problems created by leaky penis are those associated with erections, urinary system and sometimes premature ejaculations. This problem develops with the passage of time gradually in most of the cases. As per researches, it is mainly caused due to over-masturbation. At the same time, some other causes may also be held responsible for leaky penis.

What exactly is the problem of leaky penis?

As stated above, when a person gets indulged in excessive masturbation then unwanted stress is applied to the prostate gland which in turn results in contraction of the pelvic muscles. It is similar to a state of orgasm or ejaculation that results in opening of the ejaculation valve prematurely. This in turn leads to seminal leakage or leaky penis. Due to over-masturbation or frequent ejaculations, the essential hormones, neurotransmitters and neuro-growth factors get destroyed. Consequently, the parasympathetic nerves become damaged and the penis becomes weak.

What causes leaky penis?

Leaky penis may be caused due to multiple factors. It occurs along with premature ejaculations and weak erections.

The major factors responsible for causing leaky penis are-

  • Indulgence in excessive masturbation before puberty leads to sexual exhaustion which in turn causes the problem of leaky penis.
  • Use of certain drugs or alcohol may also be one of the chief factors for causing leaky penis.
  • Some psychological problems such as past sexual abuse, guilt feeling about sex, or unresponsiveness of the sex partner may also lead to seminal leakage.
  • Excessive or long-term smoking is also considered to be a major factor for causing the problem of seminal leakage.
  • Certain health issues such as arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure may also cause seminal leakage.
  • Some sexually transmitted diseases are also responsible for causing leaky penis or seminal leakage.
  • Hormonal imbalance in the body including low levels of thyroid hormone may also result in leaky penis.

What are the common inductors of leaky penis or seminal leakage?

The most evident or apparent symptom of leaky penis is involuntary semen discharge before the actual ejaculation takes place. It is noticed by the sufferer himself. Additionally, there are some other signs and symptoms as well. These may include chronic tiredness, exhaustion, and physical weakness, mental stress, tension, nervousness and anxiousness, involuntary ejaculation, wet dream, and leakage of urine. These symptoms may appear differently in different people.


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