Impotence ED – Male weakness (नपुंसकता का आयुर्वेदिक उपचार)

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Impotence or impotency is a common condition found in large numbers of men. It is specifically true for people above 40 years of age. Medically, impotence may be defined as the inability of men to achieve or sustain erection for time long enough so as to make sure that both the sex partners get fully satisfied in terms of sexual pleasure. Although erection is achieved under this condition however it is not sustained adequately for normal sexual intercourse and optimal sexual satisfaction.

Impotence is also sometimes referred to as chronic erectile dysfunction. It is due to the reason that the main problem under this condition is associated with the erection of the penis and maintenance of the same. Impotence is related to both physical as well as mental aspect of human personality. Some men may suffer from accidental erectile dysfunction while some others may complain of chronic erectile dysfunction.
The former condition occurs when a person suffers from erectile dysfunction occasionally due to some incidental problems such as illness or injury to the penis. On the other hand, chronic erectile dysfunction is a condition, when a person suffers from erectile dysfunction every time sexual activity is performed.

What causes impotence?

There are varying causes of impotence that may be related to physical, mental as well as emotional aspect of human body. It is because all the organs and systems of the body are inter-connected and malfunctioning in any of these certainly results in adverse effect on the functions of others too. Same is true for penis as well.

Chief causes of impotence include hormonal imbalance or hormonal changes taking place in the body, advancement in age, diabetes, impairment of functions related to nerves and blood vessels, some brain disorders that result in lack of stimuli from the brain, mental stress, tension and anxiety, complex feeling of giving poor performance in the bed, chronic illness, venous leakage, high blood pressure or hypertension, excessive masturbation and especially before puberty, sexual exhaustion due to too much indulgence in sex, unnatural sex, injury to the penis and pain in the penis.

Other causes of impotence are lack of sexual desire and constant feeling of tiredness, high cholesterol levels in the body, diseases or disorders related to the prostate gland such as weaker and painful ejaculations, prostate enlargement, urinary tract infections, performance of surgeries on the penis due to varying reasons, vasectomy, excessive smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, some sexually transmitted diseases, and use of certain drugs or medicines.

How to prevent impotence?

You can definitely prevent the condition of impotence by paying attention to some points related to your diet, lifestyle plus some other factors. You must always take healthy and well-balanced diet that is rich in all the essential nutrients required by the body. At the same time, avoid intake of fatty foods as these have an adverse effect on the functions of the penis. You must avoid smoking, alcohol or excessive use of drugs or medicines as these also interfere with normal functions of the penis. Over-masturbation must be avoided as it is also responsible for erectile dysfunction to great extent.


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