Hite-g Height Increasing Formula Oil

Ayurvedic Height Increasing and Bone Care Oil

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Sometimes it’s embarrassing that you remains the shortest in your group and are called as the smallest member of your group. It Hurts…. Yes it does! But you can do nothing to do to increase your height.  You have lost your hope and as a good child accepted what you have.

Really!!!! Have you accepted that you remain the shortest!!

If your answer is YES, then read below…

Your height can increase…

Yes you read it right; you can increase your height!!!

Ayurveda, the age old traditional medicinal system has something to offer for people who are short or have small height. There are certain herbs that may prove beneficial in increasing your height and you can be taller.

Hite-G is an Ayurvedic Herbal formula that has properties that may be helpful in boosting body growth. Hite-G comes in the form of oil that is to be applied on the lower joints like knees and ankles. The herbal formulations penetrate in the joint and promote growth tissues thus increasing height.

Hite G is a wonderful herbal product that is completely safe for all ages and can be used by any gender.

Benefits of HITE G Ayurvedic Oil

  1. May be helpful in increasing height
  2. May prove beneficial in nourishing joints and its condition
  3. It may be helpful in reducing tensile stress on joints making them relaxed and stress free
  4. Improves joints health and may restrict arthritic conditions in future.

Hite G comprises of following herbs

  1. Ashwagandha Withinia Somnifera
  2. Talish Patra Flacourtia cataphracta
  3. Bach Acorus Calmus
  4. Anantmool Hemidesmus indicus
  5. Shatawar Aspargus Racemosus
  6. Harar Terminalis Chebula
  7. Devdaru Cedrus Deodara
  8. Punarnava Boerhavia Diffusa
  9. Badam oil Prunus Amygdalus
  10. Jaitoon oil Olea Europea
  11. Til oil Sesamum Indicum

How to use

Apply Hite G oil on your ankles and knees and gently massage in the circular motion for 10 to 20 minutes two times a day for 3 months.

Average Height to Weight Chart


5 reviews for Hite-g Height Increasing Formula Oil

  • student

    Perfect oil for height!

  • Coen Jacobs


  • Abdul Jalel

    Hello Sir, I am Abdul Jalel from Kuwait. I want to increase my height. I am 23 years of age. Please help

    • Dr Jyotiraditya

      Hi Abdul, As per the studies height of a person may increase till about 25 years of age. Hence there are good chances that you can also increase your height. Use Hite G oil regularly as directed in the above article. Use for 6 months and you will notice changes in your height. Proper exercise and good diet is recommended.

  • Anna

    Hi, I am Anna, I am 14 years old girl having a height of 144 cm. I am bit worried about my height at present. I have heard lots about Hite G. Could HITE-G oil help me.

    • Dr Jyotiraditya

      Hey Anna. Thanks for writing to us. Yes Hite G oil will help you in increasing your height. The specialized herbal formula of HITE G oil helps in nourishing joints and also helps in improving cell growth in joint region. Apply the oil regularly on your back, knees, and ankles for about 3 to 6 months and see good results. Along with it good nutrition is also necessary like consuming fruits and avoids junk food.

  • Maria

    Hello Dr. Jyotiraditya, Namaste. I am Maria from United States. I have a question to ask. I am using Hite G oil for last 4 months and have gained about 2.5 inches. My question is that can I use it for more than 6 months as I am very happy with my results. Is there any side effect if I use it for longer duration than 6 months

    • Dr Jyotiraditya

      Hello Maria. I am happy that you got such good results. Yes you can use this oil for longer duration also and it has no side effects.

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