Health Pack For Warts

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Warts are defined as tiny uneven growths resembling blisters or cauliflower that usually occur on the feet, hands, underneath the thick hard layers of the skin, i.e. callus or other parts of the body that remain under pressure.

Causes of Warts
Viral infection, particularly the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the root cause of Warts that usually occur on the feet soles in the outer layers. Warm and moist environments are also responsible for Warts because of transmission of virus. Walking barefoot around the locker rooms and pools may also trigger this problem. Cuts, scrapes, dry cracked skin and the one remaining in water for longer periods may also aggravate Warts.

Why does one get Warts
Anyone affected with the above causes is likely to develop this ailment.

Who gets frequent Warts
Children between twelve to sixteen years of age are more susceptible to Warts that may affect the people with weakened immune system or the ones with family history. People that walk barefoot around the showers or swimming pools are also likely to develop Warts.

Where does one get Warts
Warts usually occur on the feet and hands.

Symptoms of Warts
Patients that suffer from Warts have lesions on the bottom of their feet with small fleshy rough and grainy growths. Black pinpoints known as wart seeds are also quite common. Hard thick skin (callus) on the skin is also its symptom. Lesions affecting the ridges and usual lines of the foot skin with painful sensations are also the symptoms of Warts.

Treatment of Warts
Examination of the lesion through certain tests and shave biopsy may be recommended by the doctor who may suggest over-the-counter medicines for Warts. He or she may advise freezing treatment and use of salicylic or other acids including trichloroacetic or bichloracetic. Immune therapy may also give good results. Surgeries may also be advised by the doctor who numbs the skin prior to the surgical operation. Laser treatment may also be recommended for the patients. HPV vaccination may also be advised. Cryotherapy may also be much useful. Medications including Imiquimod, Dinitrochlorobenzene, Fluorouracil, Fluorouracil and Bleomycin are also good for Warts that may be got rid of with Silver Nitrate which is available in the form of caustic pencil.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Warts
Ayurvedic System of Medicine has become much popular amongst large section of the society that has switched over to the Ayurvedic Medicines. Prepared with the organic ingredients, these medicines contain no harmful components. Thousands of patients suffering from Warts have been benefited with these medications that provide sufficient relief and satisfaction. No side effects are involved in the ayurvedic medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
This wonderful health pack is prepared with a focus to give sufficient relief to the patients that suffer from Warts. Based on the ayurvedic principles, this unique formulation is prepared by mixing the pure herbal ingredients that are free from any toxic elements. Patients are treated to their entire satisfaction. They are advised to adopt hygienic living habits and avoid direct contact with warts. Covering the wart with silver duct tape is quite useful.


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