Health Pack For Vocal Nodules

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Vocal Nodules are described as the accumulation of tissues that grow on the intersection of the fore and subsequent parts of the vocal cords where the contact is powerful. Vocal cords create hurdles for usual speech that is lowered and becomes hoarse, painful and distorted.

Causes of Vocal Nodules
Tiring and violent voice practices, coughing and yelling are behind Vocal Nodules that may be caused due to noisy environment too. Speaking loudly is also the major cause of this ailment that may occur due to tense voice or too high or low pitch also. Vocal injuries because of stress and strained nervous system may put pressure on the laryngeal area, shoulders and the neck that in turn result in vocal nodules. Vocal abuse usually results in thickening near the middle fold that may lead to blister or nodule.

Why does one get Vocal Nodules
Vocal nodules usually occur because of yelling, coughing, loud pitch of the voice and vocal injuries due to stress and strained nervous system.

Who gets frequent Vocal Nodules
Anyone affected with the above causes may develop this ailment. People of all ages and both sexes can fall victim to Vocal Nodules.

Where does one get Vocal Nodules
Effects of this ailment are experienced on the vocal cords.

Symptoms of Vocal Nodules
Patients suffering from Vocal Nodules usually experience low-pitched and breathy voice, hoarseness, loss of vocal range, throat pain, tiresome voice, croaking and sometimes complete voice loss. Fever, malaise, urges to clear the throat and breathing difficulties are also quite common amongst the patients.

Treatment of Vocal Nodules
Doctors may suggest vocal training, vocal rest and speech therapy. Removal of vocal cords may also become necessary in certain cases. Acoustic analysis involving some tests to measure the quality, stability and intensity of voice may also be required. Exercising biopsy by sending the sample of the affected vocal cord for lab test may also be suggested by the physician who may recommend CT scan too. Surgical removal of contact ulcer, vocal cord tumors / nodules / polyps may also be necessitated in some cases. Tracheotomy may be helpful to treat the two paralyzed vocal cords. Doctor’s consent is a must to adopt any method of treatment or take any particular medicine.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Vocal Nodules
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is one of the best treatment methods for providing relief to the patients that suffer from Vocal Nodules. The ayurvedic medicines suggested under this system contain the organic ingredients that are free from any harmful components. Patients that use these medicines in even manners are benefited with the natural treatment that does not put any side effects.

Nidanam Health Pack
Patients suffering from Vocal Nodules are advised to make use of this unique health pack that is based on the principles of Ayurveda. This amazing formulation contains herbal ingredients that are free from any damaging components. Wonderful results have been reported by the patients that use this medicine. Nidanam Health Pack is prepared with the guidelines of the qualified doctors. Patients are advised to stay away from smoking and drinking. Chemical irritants should also be avoided. The mouth should be covered while coughing and hands should be properly washed to avoid spread of infection to others.


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