Health Pack For Tinea Alba

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Tinea Alba may be termed as a non-infectious skin condition that results in oval or round hypo-pigmented scraps that affect the face with very fine scales which generally affect the children and the young adults.

Causes of Tinea Alba
Following factors may be the root causes of Tinea Alba –
a. Heat
b. Humidity
c. Soaps and detergents
d. Stress
e. Dryness of the skin
f. Worms and parasites
g. Shortage of calcium and vitamins

Why does one get Tinea Alba
The above reasons are often behind this disease.

Who gets frequent Tinea Alba
Persons exposed to heat, humidity, worms and parasites are more vulnerable to Tinea Alba. Those suffering from stress and do not take sufficient vitamins and calcium are also likely to develop Tinea Alba that may affect the ones who use excessive soaps and detergents.

Where does one get Tinea Alba
This disease affects the skin that is affected with oval or round hypo-pigmented scraps.

Symptoms of Tinea Alba
Oval or round shaped pigmented patches of 1-4 cm are usually seen on the patients’ face, cheeks, forehead, around the mouth, chest, shoulders and chin. Ill effects of this disease worsen in summer because of hot sun.

Treatment of Tinea Alba
Steroid based cream and sunscreen creams are also recommended by the doctors.
Patients may use Bacillinum that is quite safe and gives effective results for viral and fungus on the skin. Regular use of this medicine works wonders. Cleanliness is a must to stay away from this disease that is much harmful.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Tinea Alba
Ayurvedic System of Medicine facilitates wonderful ayurvedic medicines for the patients that suffer from Tinea Alba. Prepared by mixing the herbal ingredients, these medications are free from any side effects and the patients are not affected with any side effects. Services of qualified medical professionals are hired to make these medicines that exercise strict checks to maintain their quality. Easily available, these medications are quite cheaper as compared to other medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
Based on the ayurvedic principles, this wonderful health pack works wonders for treatment of Tinea Alba. It is prepared by mixing the pure ingredients in apt proportions. No harmful element is contained in this unique pack that does not affect in any harmful way. Thousands of patients have been treated with this medicine that gives positive results. Patients suffering from Tinea Alba are advised to stay away from harsh lights and swimming. They are suggested to make use of moisturizers. Rich diets, sufficient intake of fluids but abstinence from alcohol and tobacco gives good results.


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