Health Pack For Piles / Fistula (बवासीर Bawasir के लिए दवा )

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Piles is the condition wherein the veins inside or outside the rectum become inflamed. Painful sensations are quite common amongst the patients. Bleeding is also experienced by few. Many persons affected with piles suffer from bleeding as the veins usually burst. This is called bleeding piles.

Fistula may be termed as an unusual link or passageway between two epithelium-lined vessels or organs that are not linked with each other. It occurs in the shape of bodily cavity that burrows under the mucous membrane or skin. It bears an opening at both ends. Fistula may open out from one cavity to the surface or one cavity to other cavity in the physique. Persons suffering from this problem usually experience acute pain. Fistula may arise because of inappropriate eating or poor lifestyle. Painful discharge of pus is seen with Fistulas that usually exist as perianal abscesses.

Causes – Piles or Fistula usually occur because of constipation, Genetic or hereditary problems may also lead to these problems. Cancer, obesity or pregnancy may also result in piles. Those involved in prolonged sitting jobs may fall victim to piles. Likewise continuous standing may also result in this disease that may be caused due to heavy weight lifting. Piles may occur due to straining during constipation or passing stools.

Treatment – The doctors usually recommend medicated creams and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the patients suffering from piles. Rubber band ligation is also good for the internal piles. Infrared radiation or laser surgery may also be recommended for few patients.

Inflammation can be reduced with heat therapy. Nerves are relaxed with the help of hot and cold sensations. Connective tissues are softened with heat that improves the flow of blood. It is one of the best remedies for quick relief. Hot and cold compresses may be continued for about twenty minutes. It is helpful in diminishing pain and swelling. Likewise hip or sitz bath is also much useful to get rid of pain due to piles or fistula. Specially built devices are available for sitz baths.

Sufficient relief can be enjoyed with massaging. Vibration, sensation, friction, pushing and pressing techniques works wonders for piles. Finger tips may be used to apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly etc. Medicated cream including Pilex is also good. Ayurvedic oils or ointments also give good results.

Constipation, the major cause of Piles can be avoided by taking high fiber staple foods that are much helpful. Green leafy vegetables including ladies finger, fruits, fruit juice, unpolished rice, Atta with husk, milk, raddish leaf juice and other such things are good for this disease. Healthy diets work wonders for the people suffering from piles. Simple exercises and yoga asana also help to get rid of piles or fistula.

Persons suffering from these disorders should avoid reading when passing stools. They should not lift heavy weights and avoid fatty foods. Straining and taking much time during defecating should be avoided. Food should be chewed properly and gulping the food should be avoided. Patients should refrain from salty / rich spicy foods.


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