Pernicious anemia Health Pack – Vitamin B12 deficiency – खून की कमी (एनीमिया) के उपाय

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Pernicious anemia is described as the condition wherein our body suffers from deficiency of red blood cells due to lesser amounts of vitamin B-12 than their requisite numbers. Insufficient amount of these vitamins, i.e. Vitamin B-12 leads to this problem that must be checked in the beginning to avoid complications.

Causes of Pernicious anemia
Pernicious anemia can occur due to trouble in processing or absorbing vitamin B-12. Deficiency of iron and certain blood problems may also cause Pernicious anemia that may occur due to reduced number of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the body. This disease may occur due to unhealthy diets. Underlying cause of this ailment may be less absorption of nutrients from the foods that we eat. Foods lacking vitamin B-12 may be the major cause of this ailment. Inability of the small intestine to absorb vitamin B-12 is also behind this disease. It may be due to gastric bypass surgery, unusual growth of bacteria in the small intestine and celiac or Crohn’s disease. Lack of intrinsic factor may also be responsible for Pernicious anemia. Tapeworm ingested from contaminated fish may also lead to this disease.

Why does one get Pernicious Anemia?
The above reasons are the root causes of Pernicious Anemia that can be treated by taking rich diets and suitable medications.
Who gets frequent Pernicious Anemia?
Persons affected with the above reasons are liable to get affected with this ailment.
Where does one get Pernicious Anemia?
The effect of this disease can be observed on the whole body that suffers from shortage of red blood cells.
Symptoms of Pernicious anemia
Patients suffering from this problem are often seen with the following signs
Yellowish or pale skin
Intermittent heartbeats
Loss of weight
Feet and hands affected with tingling and numbness
Changes in the personality
Uneven movements
Indecisiveness and absentmindedness

Treatment of Pernicious anemia
Persons suffering from Pernicious Anemia may be required to undergo blood tests to assess the number and appearance of red blood cells. Schilling test, antibiotics test and methylmaloinc acid test may also become necessary to analyze the problem. Patients are advised to take supplements in the form of pills or as nasal sprays. Suitable injections may also prove fruitful to cover loss of vitamin B-12.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Pernicious anemia
Ayurvedic System of Medicine suggests certain ayurvedic medicines for treating Pernicious anemia and its ill effects. Use of herbal ingredients is made to make these medicines that provide everlasting effective results and do not put any side effects. Large numbers of people have started taking the ayurvedic medicines that work wonders. Patients are advised to take rich diets, green vegetables and fruits.

Nidanam Health Pack
Pernicious anemia patients are advised to make use of this health pack that is based on the Ayurvedic Principles. The herbal ingredients used to make this health pack are free from any side effects. Persons suffering from this disease are advised to have healthy foods that must contain eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese; shellfish and red & white meat. Multivitamins are also good to recover from Pernicious anemia. Patients should refrain from tobacco and alcohol.


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