Health Pack For Paralysis (लकवा)

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Hemiplegia (limb paralysis) is described as paralysis on body’s one side that usually includes one’s leg, arm and probably the face of that affected side. Complete damage to half of the physique may be caused in severe cases. In case the right side of the brain is affected with injury then the left side of the body is affected with this disease. Likewise right side of the body is affected if the left side of the brain is injured.

Causes of Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)
Stroke, trauma and congenital causes are behind this disease that may affect due to brain tumor or abscesses. Infections including inflammation of the brain & meningitis and encephalitis may also be behind this problem that may occur due to damage to the brain parts. Spinal cord injury, bleeding, brain infections, trauma, cancers, uncontrolled diabetes, smoking and viral infection are also its causes.

Why does one get Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)?
The above reasons are responsible for this ailment.

Who gets frequent Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)?
Anybody affected with any of the above reasons is prone to this disease.

Where does one get Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)?
Ill effects of Hemiplegia (limb paralysis) can be observed on one side of the body in the form of paralysis of that particular side.

Symptoms of Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)
Persons suffering from this dangerous disease are often seen with low movement control, decreased patience, deep tendon reflexes, spasticity and unintentional fast muscle tightening.

Treatment of Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)
Occupational and physical therapists can provide sufficient relief from this ailment by improving motor abilities and improving sensation. Use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation helps to lower spasticity and improve limb awareness. Constraint-induced movement therapy may also provide sufficient relief from this ailment. Mirror therapy also works wonders. Persons suffering from this disease due to enhanced cholesterol and high blood pressure may be given medicines to reduce their levels. Surgeries may be suitable for tumors, injuries or abscess related ill effects that lead to this disease.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Hemiplegia (limb paralysis)
Ayurvedic System of Medicine works wonders for the patients that suffer from this ailment and other disorders. Suitable medicines and other steps are suggested for the patients after finding out the underlying causes. Pure herbal ingredients used to make the ayurvedic medicines as per ayurvedic principles are free from side effects. Large numbers of patients across the globe have started using these medications that provide instant / permanent relief. These medicines are prepared under the strict quality checks carried out by the expert ayurvedic doctors.

Nidanam Health Pack
Persons suffering from Hemiplegia (limb paralysis) are advised to try this indigenous medicine that has treated thousands of patients who are satisfied with its effective results. Based on the ayurvedic principles, Nidanam Health Pack works wonders if it is taken on regular basis. No side effects have been reported by any patient as this health pack contains only the organic ingredients that are free from any damaging components. The users are at zero risk as far as Nidanam Health Pack is concerned. They are advised to stick to rich diets, stay away from alcohol, tobacco and junk foods. Sufficient water is also good for them.


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