Fungal infection of nails – Health Pack For Onychomycosis (नाखूनों के रोग)

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Known as Nail fungus or tinea unguium; Onychomycosis refers to the beginning of yellow or white spot under the tip of the toenail or fingernail. With the fungal infection getting deeper, the nail becomes discolored due to nail fungus. Nails usually become thick and crumbled at the edge due to this disease. Many nails can be affected due to Onychomycosis that may be painful.

Causes of Onychomycosis
Dermatophyte fungus, molds, bacteria and yeasts are responsible for this disease that is caused due to fungi that lives in moist and warm environments. Exposure of nails to moist and warm conditions also results in this problem that affects the toenails more as they remain covered inside the shoes. Less blood flow to the toes is also the main cause of Onychomycosis.

Why does one get Onychomycosis
Frequent and heavy perspiration, reduced circulation due to old age, family history, humid or moist environment, socks that don’t absorb perspiration, walking barefoot in damp areas, athlete’s foot, skin or nail injury, diabetes and weakened immune system may be behind this disease.

Who gets frequent Onychomycosis
Persons affected with the above reasons regardless of their age or sex is likely to develop Onychomycosis that affects the toenails and the fingernails.

Where does one get Onychomycosis
Fingernails and toenails are affected in adverse manners. Discoloration is common.

Symptoms of Onychomycosis
Thickening of the nails is one of the signs of this disease that results in ragged, crumbly or brittle nails that may get distorted, dull and rough. Darkness of the nails is also its sign. Separation of nails from the nail bed is also seen in many patients that suffer from Onychomycosis. Slight foul odor may also be felt.

Treatment of Onychomycosis
Nail exam including lab test of the debris from under the nail may be good to identify the fungus type. Oral antifungal drugs like itraconazole (Sporanox) and terbinafine (Lamisil) may be good for the patients that may use medicated nail polish, i.e. ciclopirox (Penlac) too. Antifungal cream is also quite effective. Removal of nail and laser/light based therapies may also be recommended. Doctor must be consulted for any medicine or particular treatment method.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Onychomycosis
The ayurvedic system of medicine has become much popular across the globe. Thousands of patients suffering from Onychomycosis and other physical problems have been benefited with sufficient relief. Pure herbal ingredients used for making the ayurvedic medicines do not affect in any adverse manners. No harmful elements are added to these medicines. Patients are advised to trim and thin the nails in regular manners and keep them neat and tidy at all times.

Nidanam Health Pack
This native health pack works wonders to say NO to Onychomycosis and other diseases. It is based on the ayurvedic principles and is prepared with herbal ingredients that do not put any side effects. Regular use of this amazing medicine works wonders by providing sufficient relief. The patients are advised to make use of tea tree oil, snakeroot extract that is much helpful. Socks and shoes must provide sufficient air to the toes. Antifungal spray or powder should be used. Hands must be washed after touching the infected nails.


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