Health Pack For Oligospermia or Low sperm count शुक्राणु की कमी के लक्षण और दवा

Herbal Remedies for Low Sperm Count (Premium Quality Herb)

  • Tribulus Terrestris (100g)
  • Musli (100g)
  • Asparagus (100g)
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Tribulus Terrestris
1 Tablespoonful in Morning daliy.
1 Tablespoonful in Afternoon daliy.
1 Tablespoonful in Night after dinner daliy.

Oligospermia is a condition associated with the sexual and reproductive system of men. Under this condition, the sufferer is not able to produce enough or required amount or number of sperms in their semen and hence not able to take active part in the process of reproduction. Due to insufficient number of sperms in their semen, such men are not able to make their female sex partners bear children through the process of conception. Due to this condition, the concerned men suffer from the problem of impotency or infertility. Oligospermia may be categorized into two types- acquired and preborn. The first condition may develop during later years of life due to certain factors while the latter one may be present in a person right from birth due to which the condition of impotency arises.

Chief factors responsible for causing oligospermia

Oligospermia may be caused in a person due to multiple factors such as hormonal imbalance, hormonal changes taking place in the body, administration of specific drugs or medicines, exposure to extremely high temperature conditions, high fever conditions, exposure to specific poisons or harmful chemicals, some physical illness or diseases in the body, prolonged physical illness, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

Use of certain drugs for the sake of recreation and use of medical treatments including chemotherapy and radiotherapy may also be held responsible for oligospermia in some cases. Condition of varicocele may also result in low sperm count in men. Inflammation and swelling in and around the testes and exposure to harmful radiations may also result in low sperm count as both these factors have an adverse effect on the production of sperms in male semen.

Characteristics of oligospermia

Oligospermis doesn’t have any apparent or visible signs and symptoms. This condition can be confirmed only from the fact that a male is not able to take active part in the process of reproduction despite one year of regular and unprotected sex.
It is worth noting that most men remain unaware about the condition of oligospermia till they try to make their sex partners pregnant through the process of conception but are not able to do so. It is only revealed when they are not able to make their sex partners conceive a baby even after a long time. This condition can be confirmed only through some tests.


In most of the cases, two simple and common tests are performed including blood test and seminogram.

Blood test- It helps in confirming the level of some basic hormones such as LH, prolactin, testosterone and FH. The exact level or value of these hormones in the blood is confirmed and the treatment method is pursued accordingly.

Seminogram- It helps in confirming the quality of male sperms. Under this test, the morphological characteristics of the sperm are evaluated such as colour, volume, aspect, liquefaction etc. Additionally, the motility, vitality, concentration and morphology of the sperms is also verified and confirmed through microscopical examination. Once the condition of oligospermia is confirmed via these tests, the treatment procedure is started so that the problem of infertility may be cured and treated.


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