Health Pack For Nutritional Anemia (पाण्डु रोग)

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Nutritional Anemia can be described as deficiency of healthy red blood cells due to lack of certain vitamins, e.g. Vitamin C, B-12 and folate etc that fall short of their requisite amounts. Inability of the body to absorb or process these vitamins may also be behind this problem that may occur due to certain blood disorders or deficiency of iron. Vitamin supplements and changes in the diet can be useful.

Causes of Nutritional Anemia
Less quantity of vitamins for producing the requisite numbers of healthy red blood cells by the body is behind Nutritional Anemia that may develop due to improper absorption of nutrients from the foods that we take. Diets short of folate, i.e. vitamin B-9 often result in this disease. Inadequate absorption of folate from food can also lead to this problem that can be set aright with fruits and green vegetables. Alcohol may also be responsible for this disease. Deficiency of vitamin B-12 may also trigger Nutritional Anemia that can be caused due to less intake of vitamin-C.

Why does one get Nutritional Anemia
Deficiency of vitamin B-9 and C may lead to this problem that can be aggravated due to alcohol, intestinal problems, pregnancy, certain medicines, undergoing hemodialysis or cancer treatment or fewer intakes of fruits and vegetables. Smoking is also the cause of this problem that can occur due to kidney disease, cancer or other such problems.

Who gets frequent Nutritional Anemia
Persons affected with certain diseases or suffer from deficiency of certain vitamins are vulnerable to Nutritional Anemia that should be treated effectively.

Where does one get Nutritional Anemia
The adverse effects of this problem can be observed upon the whole physique that suffers from deficiency of healthy red blood cells.

Symptoms of Nutritional Anemia
Persons suffering from this disease often show the following signs –

  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Short of breath
  • Yellowish or pale skin
  • Loss of weight
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Weakened muscles
  • Hands and feet become numb
  • Unstable movements
  • Changes in one’s personality
  • Indecisiveness and forgetfulness

Treatment of Nutritional Anemia
Blood tests and physical checkup may be required to assess the red blood cell count, the amount of vitamin C & B-12 and folate in the blood. Methylmalonic acid test, antibodies test and schilling test may also be needed in certain cases. Taking folic acid supplements, healthy diets and vitamin B-12 supplements/injections etc may be much useful. Vitamin C tablets also provide good results to treat the patients suffering from Nutritional Anemia.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Nutritional Anemia
Nutritional Anemia can be treated by taking the ayurvedic medicines that are prepared with organic ingredients by following the ayurvedic principles. No harmful components are contained in these medicines that do not affect in any adverse manners. People across the globe have started using these medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
Patients suffering from Nutritional Anemia are advised to use this health pack that is prepared by following the Ayurvedic Principles. Herbal ingredients are mixed in apt proportions to make this excellent formulation that works wonders for the patients that use it in even manners. No adverse effects are reported by the patients that take Nidanam Health Pack. They are advised to take rich diets enriched with nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits and juices. Eggs, milk, broccoli, strawberries, sweet peppers and tomatoes are also good for this disease that can be controlled by taking multivitamins. Smoking and drinking may be enjoyed in moderation as they can trigger Nutritional Anemia.


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