Health Pack For Non-healing Ulcers (नासूर)

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As the name suggests, Non-healing Ulcers including pressure / skin /diabetic skin / venous / diabetic foot ulcers are difficult to be treated fully. Atherosclerosis may be responsible for this problem due to obstruction of blood flow to the extremities. Such non-healing ulcers generally start forming on the buttocks, hips, heels and below the skin levels.

Causes of Non-healing Ulcers
Compression of skin and tissue between two hard surfaces may be responsible for these ulcers that may be caused due to interruption of blood flow to the extremities. Reduced circulation of blood and oxygen to the area results in damage to the tissue that leads to occurrence of ulcers. Poor nutrition, loss of control on the bladder, inability to shift or move, confinement to bed or wheelchair and arterial ulcers may also be behind Non-healing ulcers.

Why does one get Non-healing Ulcers?
Obstruction of flow of oxygen and blood flow to the extremities may be root cause of such ulcers that may be caused due to density of skin & tissue that get damaged.

Who gets frequent Non-healing Ulcers?
Anybody regardless of his age or sex suffering from the above causes is likely to develop this disease that may be harmful.

Where does one get Non-healing Ulcers?
Effects of these ulcers can be seen on any part of the body.

Symptoms of Non-healing Ulcers
Patients with such ulcers suffer from serious wounds on their body.

Treatment of Non-healing Ulcers
Doctors may recommend certain medicines for sufficient relief from these ulcers that can be reduced by quitting tobacco products. Patients should have good control over cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. Feet should be washed on daily basis and legs must be inspected to check redness, trauma, pain or wounds. Regular lubrication of skin is good to avoid dryness and cracking of the skin. Patients should avoid walking barefoot, scrapes, abrasions and cuts.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Non-healing Ulcers
The Ayurvedic System of Medicine has contributed greatly for treatment o Non-Healing Ulcers and various other diseases. Organic ingredients are used to prepare the ayurvedic medications that are free from any harmful components. Based on the ayurvedic principles, these medicines are prepared with a focus on the well being of the people. Easily available, these medicines are quite cheaper.

Nidanam Health Pack
Persons suffering from Non-healing Ulcers can get sufficient relief by using this health pack that is based on the principles of ayurveda. It contains the herbal ingredients that are free from any harmful ingredients and the users are not affected in any harmful manner. Large numbers of patients have been benefited with this herbal formulation that works wonders. They are advised to have light exercises, keep the skin dry, and maintain healthy diets; control BP, diabetes and cholesterol. Use of tobacco products should be avoided by the patients.


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