Health Pack For Neurodermatitis – Lichen simplex chornicus

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Known as lichen simplex chronicus; Neurodermatitis relates to the itchiness of the skin in the start that becomes itchier, thick and leathery with scratching. As such, persons with itchy skin must avoid scratching. We often see many people that are in the habit of scratching their itchy skin that creates problems at later stages.

Causes of Neurodermatitis
Irritation of the skin due to tight clothing or bug bite may be the factors behind this problem that may occur due to rubbing of the skin or scratching it. Other conditions like dryness of the skin, psoriasis and eczema are associated with Neurodermatitis that may be triggered due to anxiety and stress too.

Why does one get Neurodermatitis
Age and sex may also be the factors behind Neurodermatitis that may develop because of stress and worry. Skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema are sometimes caused due to hereditary problems. Women are more vulnerable to this problem as compared to the women. Usually people between thirty and fifty years of age may develop this disease.

Who gets frequent Neurodermatitis
People affected with the above reasons are prone to Neurodermatitis that develops more in the women. Anybody regardless of his race, age or sex can get it.

Where does one get Neurodermatitis
The adverse effects of this problem are noticed on the skin that becomes itchier and leathery with scratching.

Symptoms of Neurodermatitis
People that develop this disease are often seen suffering from itchy skin in a certain area that becomes leathery and thick. Raised red or darker patches exist on the affected area. Patches on the wrist, neck, thigh, forearm and ankle are the common symptoms of Neurodermatitis that may spread to genital areas including scrotum or vulva too. Patients may scratch just out of their habit of doing so. The affected area due to itchiness of the skin pains; gets infected and disturbs sleep too.

Treatment of Neurodermatitis
History of itching and appearance of the skin may be examined by the doctor to analyze the problem. Testing the skin by removing a small piece may also become necessary for necessary treatment. Medicines including Corticosteroids, Antihistamines, Anti-anxiety drugs or Antibiotics may be recommended by the physicians. Patients should take the doctors into confidence before choosing any particular medicine or method of treatment to get rid of Neurodermatitis.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Neurodermatitis
Ayurvedic System of Medicine has become much popular amongst large number of patients that suffer from Neurodermatitis or other physical disorders. Suitable ayurvedic medicines suggested under this system are prepared from herbal ingredients that do not harm in any harmful manners. Patients are fully satisfied with these medications that give everlasting relief from Neurodermatitis.

Nidanam Health Pack
Prepared with a focus on the well being of the persons suffering from Neurodermatitis, this health pack works wonders for the patients that take it in regular manners. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this amazing medicine is quite effective in giving sufficient relief. The organic components of Nidanam Health Pack do not affect in any adverse manners. Patients are advised to keep the nails trimmed, take cool baths, cover the affected area, wear cotton clothes and choose gentle soaps without any contents of perfumes or dyes. Stress management is also good for controlling Neurodermatitis that damages the skin.


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