Health Pack For Miscarriage (अबोशन या गर्भ का गिरना)

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Being pregnant is bliss for any woman. Unfortunately, not all women are able to deliver a healthy baby with a normal delivery. It is because due to complications in the pregnancy or ill health of the pregnant woman, miscarriage may occur that results in termination of the pregnancy. Medically, miscarriage may be defined as a loss of fetus before the 20th week of the pregnancy. It is also referred to as spontaneous abortion as per medical science. It is not induced or planned abortion rather it is natural abortion that may occur due to some complications or other health issues. In rare cases, miscarriages may occur even after 20 weeks of the pregnancy when the condition is referred to as late miscarriage. Miscarriage has an adverse effect on the physical as well as mental health of the concerned woman. It is worth noting that the risk of miscarriage is more amid 3rd and 7th week of pregnancy.

What causes miscarriage?
Although there are no known causes of miscarriage however some factors may still be taken into consideration as far as occurrence of miscarriage is concerned. In medical science, miscarriage is considered to be a common complication associate with pregnancy that may be triggered due to multiple risk factors as mentioned hereunder.
a. Conception in advanced age
b. Hormonal changes that may be triggered due to any reasons
c. Use of drugs
d. Alcohol consumption
e. Excessive smoking
f. Recurring pregnancies that may have weakening effect on the reproductive system
g. Unrestricted use of birth control pills
h. Intake of imbalanced and unhealthy diet
i. Extreme mental stress, tension or depression
j. Tumors or problems in the uterus
k. Defective chromosomes
l. Physical injuries especially to the sexual or reproductive system
m. Chronic illness that may be physical or mental
n. Diabetes or high blood sugar
o. Excessively high blood pressure
p. Infections in the reproductive organs

Chief signs and symptoms of miscarriage
Some of the evident and commonly found symptoms of miscarriage are pain in the abdomen, severe and unbearable cramps, bleeding that may be light in the beginning and may become heavy with the passage of time, fever, physical weakness, pain in the back, toxicity or bacterial infections in the blood, severe pain in the genital organs and breaking of the uterus membrane.

Diagnosis and treatment
Miscarriage is diagnosed by taking into consideration the associated signs and symptoms. Additionally, pelvic is also checked so as to confirm the condition of the fetus. An ultrasound test and blood work may also be performed to confirm a miscarriage. Once miscarriage is confirmed, dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure may be used to remove all the contents or remaining placental tissues. It helps in emptying the uterus of any left out fetel tissues. Women who don’t wish to go for D&C or have other health issues may be administered certain medications so that the contents in the uterus may be expelled naturally without the need for any surgeries or surgical methods. Normal activities are regained by the concerned woman after the bleeding stops.


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