Disorder of inner ear (कर्ण रोग) Health Pack For Meniere’s disease

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Meniere’s disease relates to the inner ear that is affected with unstructured occurrences of giddiness, spinning motion and hearing loss apart from pressure in one or both the ears. The problem can be settled by taking certain medicines and adopting preventive steps.

Causes of Meniere’s disease
Unusual formation of fluid in the inner ear may be responsible for this ailment that may be triggered due to the following factors too.
a. Unusual immune response
b. Blockage or anatomic disorder leading to improper fluid drainage
c. Allergies
d. Viral infection
e. Inherited disposition
f. Head trauma
g. Migraine

Why does one get Meniere’s disease?
Impulsive occurrences of unsteadiness may be behind this ailment that may result in hearing loss.

Who gets frequent Meniere’s disease?
People between forty to fifty years of age are exposed to this disease that can affect others too. Children may also get affected with this ailment.

Where does one get Meniere’s disease?
People suffering from this disease experience its ill effects in their ears.

Symptoms of Meniere’s disease
Any patients of Meniere’s disease can be seen with recurring occurrences of vertigo that come all of a sudden. Seriously affected persons may suffer from vomiting and nausea. They may have hearing loss too that may affect permanently in severe cases. Ringing and fullness of the ears is also quite common amongst the patients that may suffer from unusual headache, impaired speech, doubled vision or its loss, unconsciousness, weakened arms & legs, difficulty in walking, tingling & numbness and chest pain too.

Treatment of Meniere’s disease
Physical examination, assessment of hearing, Videonystagmography, Rotary-chair testing, Posturography and Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP) testing may be required. CT scan, MRI and Auditory brainstem response audiometry may also be needed. Suitable medicines including motion sickness and anti-nausea medications may be suggested by the doctors. Hearing aids and Meniett devices may be good. Steroids and Gentamicin may also be recommended by the physicians. Surgery may also become necessary in certain cases. Doctor must be consulted before choosing any particular medicine or treatment.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Meniere’s disease
The Ayurvedic System of Medicine has proved its worth by suggesting suitable medicines to get rid of Meniere’s disease and various other disorders. Prepared with pure ingredients, these medicines are free from any side effects. No harmful components are used to prepare these medicines that are based on the ayurvedic principles. Large section of the society has started using the ayurvedic medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
Patients suffering from Meniere’s disease get permanent relief by using this wonderful health pack that is based on the ayurvedic principles. The pure herbal ingredients used for making this medicine are quite effective to treat the disease in natural ways. Positive results are obtained by taking this medicine in regular manners. Patients are advised to take rich diets, take rest, limit salt, avoid alcohol/tobacco/caffeine and exercise in regular manners.


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