Health Pack For Memory Loss (याददाश्त बढ़ाने)

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Also known as Amnesia, memory loss refers to the particular condition when somebody is unable to recollect the past events or fails to remember something. Usual forgetfulness is acceptable but repeated failures for recollecting anything or event is called as memory loss. It may be mild or serious too. Aging may be behind memory loss. Other factors are also responsible for this problem. Progressive or extreme loss of memory is a matter of concern and patients should see the doctor.

Symptoms – Those suffering from loss of memory usually look blank if something related to the past is asked from them because they are not able to recollect the same. Many of them often forget their DOB, date of marriage and such other important events of their lives. Forgetfulness in taking the requisite medicines in time is quite common amongst them.

Causes – People usually think that aging is the major factor that results in forgetfulness. But taking excessive alcohol is also behind memory loss that may occur because of smoking. Use of tobacco creates hurdles for the flow of oxygen to the brain that results in forgetfulness. Likewise illicit drugs may change the chemistry of brain chemicals thereby causing memory loss to great extent.

Depressed persons remaining under stress usually forget the events or are unable to memorize anything in proper manners. Loss of concentration is common amongst anxious persons. Serious head injuries may also lead to loss of memory in a big way. Medications including antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants or sleeping pills may result in memory loss.
Deficiency of nutrients is also behind this problem. Likewise sleeplessness is also one of the major causes of memory loss. Disturbed and reduced sleep leads to fatigue those results in this disease. Short term memory losses may occur because of strokes. Syphilis, tuberculosis, HIV or infections etc may also be behind memory loss.

Diagnosis – Treatment of memory depends upon its proper diagnosis. It helps the doctor to find out the exact reasons of the problem. He or she can recommend suitable medicines to treat the patients in effective manners. Persons experiencing extreme or progressive memory loss should see the doctor. He or she may conduct physical and neurologic exam apart from going through the medical history. Blood, urine, nerve and imaging tests may also be required. CAT scans or MRI may also be suggested for certain cases of memory loss.

Treatment – Candidly, treatment of the patients suffering from memory loss depends much upon the root cause of the problem. Those affected with certain medicines may get treated by changing the same. Loss of memory because of deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrients can be made good with their adequate intake. Fruits, leafy green vegetables, milk and other rich diets can be much helpful in this regard. Anyone suffering from loss of memory because of depression or anxiety is provided with the relevant medicines. He or she is advised to stay away from stress and adopt the suitable techniques like exercises, yoga asana and long walks etc. Medicines for improving one’s memory should be taken with the consent of the doctor.


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