Middle ear infection – Health Pack For Mastoiditis (कर्ण-मूल)

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Mastoiditis relates to the mastoid bone that is infected with bacteria. This bone comprising of air spaces sits behind the ear. Mastoiditis develops due to inflammation or infection of the mastoid cells. Chronic Mastoiditis due to persistent infection of the middle ear may result in continuous drainage from the ear.

Causes of Mastoiditis
Swelled ear lobe, lethargy, irritability, fever, tenderness or redness behind the ear, drainage from the ear, bulging and drooping of the ear are the major causes of this disease. Middle ear infection is responsible for this problem that must be checked in the beginning.

Why does one get Mastoiditis
Middle ear infection is behind this disease that may develop because of skin cyst too.

Who gets frequent Mastoiditis
Children are more prone to this disease but the adults are also affected with it. Anyone suffering from the above causes can become its victim.

Where does one get Mastoiditis
Ears are affected due to Mastoiditis.

Symptoms of Mastoiditis
Persons suffering from this ailment are seen with the following signs.
a. Fever
b. Ear pain
c. Drainage from the ear that is affected with Mastoidits
d. Headache
e. Hearing loss in the affected ear.
f. Affected ear becomes swelled and red. Tenderness of the ear is also common.
g. Brain abscess may also develop in certain cases.
h. Swelling behind the eyes may also be seen in some patients.

Treatment of Mastoiditis
Checkup of ear and head may become necessary to assess the problem. CT scan, white blood cell count to confirm infection, MRI Scan and x-ray may also be needed. Lumbar puncture may also be necessiated. Antibiotic medications and other medicines may be advised for the patients that may be required to undergo surgery if the problem is serious enough. Drainage of the middle ear may also be required. Doctor’s consent is a must.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Mastoiditis
This disease can be got rid of by adopting the Ayurvedic System of Medicine that suggests suitable medicines for its treatment. Original herbal ingredients mixed in apt proportions are free from any damaging components and do not affect in any adverse manners. These medicines are prepared by following the ayurvedic principles. Thousands of patients suffering from Mastoiditis have been benefited with these medicines that are prepared by following the ayurvedic principles.

Nidanam Health Pack
The organic ingredients mixed in apt proportions to make this health pack are free from any harmful elements. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this amazing health pack works wonders for the patients that suffer from Mastoiditis or other such diseases. Large section of the society has started taking Nidanam Health Pack that provides sufficient relief. Easily available this formulation is genuinely priced.


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