Fibress liver – Health Pack For Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver Cirrhosis is described as the advanced scarring, i.e. fibrosis related to the liver because of several factors like persistent alcohol abuse and hepatitis etc. Cirrhosis occurs because of damage to the liver that is responsible for making nutrients, cleansing the blood and detoxifying the harmful substances. Progressive cirrhosis may give rise to more scar tissues and create hurdles for usual functioning of the liver.

Causes of Liver Cirrhosis
Scar tissue formed because of damage/injury to the liver is behind Liver Cirrhosis. Accumulation of scar tissues may result in extensive loss of liver functioning. Following factors are responsible for this ailment.
a. Cystic fibrosis
b. Accumulation of iron in the body, i.e. hemochromatosis
c. Build up of copper in the liver, i.e. Wilson’s disease
d. Billary atresia, i.e. ill formation of bile ducts
e. Genetic problems related with sugar metabolism
f. Inherited digestive problems
g. Liver disorders due to immune system
h. Alcohol abuse
i. Hepatitis B and C
j. Build up of fat in the liver
k. Damaged or hardened/scarring of bile ducts

Why does one get Liver Cirrhosis
The above reasons are behind this disease. Anybody affected with them may fall victim to the disease.

Who gets frequent Liver Cirrhosis
Persons suffering from the above causes are exposed to this disease.

Where does one get Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis affects the human liver.

Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis
Following are the usual signs of this problem
a. Easy bleeding and bruising
b. Tiredness
c. Itchiness of the skin
d. Yellowish eyes and skin, i.e. jaundice
e. Build up of fluid in the abdomen
f. Decreased appetite
g. Nausea
h. Swelled legs
i. Loss of weight
j. Slurred speech
k. Drowsiness
l. Confusion
m. Blood vessels on the skin resembling spider

Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis
Blood checkup and tests for liver & kidney function / clotting and Hepatitis B/C are usually carried out to diagnose the problem. MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Magnetic resonance elastography and biopsy may also be necessitated for suggesting the suitable medicines. Antibiotics and vaccinations are also good for this disease that may require liver transplant surgery in severe cases. Doctor must be consulted.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Liver Cirrhosis
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is being adopted by large numbers of patients that suffer from Liver Cirrhosis or other diseases. Use of organic ingredients is made to prepare the ayurvedic medicines that do not harm in any manners. Quality of the medications is maintained by following the ayurvedic principles in strict manners and the patients get full satisfaction by getting cured in natural manners.

Nidanam Health Pack
This wonderful herbal medicine works wonders for the patients that suffer from Liver Cirrhosis and other ailments. Organic ingredients used for making this unique medicine do not put any adverse effects upon the users. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, Nidanam Health Pack has proved its worth by treating thousands of patients that suffer from this ailment. They are advised to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and infection. Rich diets, fluids, fruits and sufficient water is good for them. They must maintain normal weight for which simple exercise work well.


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