White Discharge or Health Pack For Leucorrhea (श्वेत प्रदर या सफेद पानी)

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Known as whites, Leucorrhoea is the white discharge that flows from the women’s vagina. It is not any serious disease but puts the women to embarrassment and sometimes makes them to abstain from social activities. It may continue for few days or months and requires timely attention to avoid any complications.

Symptoms – Women suffering from Leucorrhoea complain as under:
a. They experience fatigue and usually remain tired.
b. White discharge from the genitals.
c. Many ladies may suffer from constipation or stomach pain.
d. Headache is common amongst the sufferers.
e. Presence of blood stains.
f. Changed color of the discharge.
g. The white discharge may give foul smell.
h. Increase in the discharge because of stress or ovulation etc.
i. Itchiness and redness inside and around the vagina are common.

Causes – Following reasons can trigger the problem:
a. Fungal infection may be behind this problem.
b. Parasitic disease may lead to Leucorrhoea.
c. It may occur because of sexually transmitted diseases.
d. Bacterial ailments may also result in this disease.
e. Trichomoniasis may also be responsible for Leucorrhoea.
f. Hormonal changes in the case of puberty in the girls.
g. Early pregnancy may also result in this disease.
h. Sexual excitement also leads to Leucorrhoea.
i. Inapt nutrition may be behind pathological leucorrhea.
j. Poor health of the women may also be responsible for this disease.
k. Dysfunction of the genital track could also be its reason.
l. Inflammation or congestion in the vaginal mucus.

Treatment – The women suffering from Leucorrhoea should get themselves treated and take suitable medicines recommended by the doctor. Smilax China Powder with milk paste is good for them. This is one of the best remedies to get rid of the problem in effective manners. The doctor may advise use of Amalaki Powder that may be taken by mixing some honey for good taste. It is much helpful for Leucorrhea.

Sufficient relief can be gained with a douche prepared from the fenugreek seeds by boiling them in water. Walnut or guava leaves may be used instead. Mango paste applied in the vagina relieves it from the white discharge to great extent. Drinking hot residue by mixing some sugar after boiling rice in water gives wonderful results.

Coriander seeds also provide quick relief from Leucorrhea. Put some seeds in water, leave them overnight and take the water next morning. Repeat the process for a week and see excellent results. Ladyfinger is also one of the best remedies to say NO to this disease. Boil few pieces in water. Mix some sugar and drink the water after frequent intervals. It will give sufficient relief. Amaranth root and leaves also give good results. Sandalwood oil drops mixed with Plantain taken in the morning and evening is much beneficial. Betel nuts, cranberry juice and banana taken on regular basis give sufficient relief from Leucorrhea.

White discharge can be got rid of by taking mixture of guggulu and turmeric when it is thick. Taking garlic mixed with turmeric is good for less denser discharge in the women. Having cold Hipbath on regular basis is also good


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