Health Pack For White Spots on Skin – Leucoderma or Leukoderma (Vitiligo सफेद दाग का इलाज)

Herbal Remedies for Leucoderma 100% Safe

  • Picorrhiza kurroa
  • Tinospora cordifolia
  • Berberis aristata

Best quality herbs and follow the principles of Ayurveda.


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Berberis Aristata
1 Tablespoonful in Morning daliy.
Tinospora Cordifolia
1 Tablespoonful in Afternoon daliy.
Picorrhiza Kurroa
1 Tablespoonful in Night after dinner daliy.

Out of numerous skin ailments, Leucoderma is also a disorder related to this sensitive body part/organ. It is also called as Sveta Kustha or Vitiligo. The color of the skin changes due to process of de-pigmentation taking place in its deeper layers. The natural skin color is lost and it becomes white in color and that is why it is referred to as Sveta Kushtha in Indian language. This condition mainly occurs due to reduction in the formation or production of pigment named as melanin by the skin cells called as melanocytes. This pigment imparts natural color to the skin.
Initially, small areas of skin turn to white color and then keep on spreading so as to take the shape of big sized white patches. Due to malfunctioning of the melanocytes, the production of melanin in the skin is affected adversely and hence the condition called as leucoderma arises in the body. It is to be noted that the white skin patches may be found in any of the parts of the body. At the same time, this condition may be found in people of all age groups.

What causes leucoderma?

The problem of leucoderma may be stimulated or triggered in the body due to multiple risk factors as given below.
a) Nutritional deficiencies in the diet
b) Intake of unhealthy or imbalanced diet
c) Lack of calcium in the body
d) Malfunctioning of immune system or low body immunity
e) Chronic gastric problems
f) Chronic liver infections
g) Worm infestations
h) Inflammatory skin conditions
i) Reduced supply of blood and oxygen to the skin cells
j) Mental stress, tension, depression, anxiousness
k) Use of tattoos or stickers on the skin
l) Carrying out heavy exercises or other physical activities immediately after intake of meals

Signs and symptoms of Leucoderma

Some of the common signs and symptoms of Leucoderma include-

  • Change in the color of the skin from natural to white color
  • Spreading of the white patches of the skin to other body parts
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Premature graying of the hairs
  • Increased sensitivity towards cold
  • Frequent or recurrent attacks of anxiety and depression

Suggestible home remedies for Leucoderma

You may try using some home remedies so as to reduce the appearance and further occurrence of white patches on the skin. At the same time, these home remedies also help in treatment as well as prevention of the leucoderma. Some of the commonly used home remedies for treatment and prevention of leucoderma are mentioned below.

  • Apply a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric over the white patches to reduce their appearance and also further occurrence of the same.
  • Applying juice extracted from goose fruit also offers effective results. It helps in retaining the natural skin color.
  • You may also prefer using ginger juice so as to reduce white patches as it aids in enhancing blood supply to the white patches so as to retain their natural color.
  • You may prepare a paste prepared from ginger juice and clay and apply the same on the white patches. This in turn helps in reducing appearance of white patches and hence treats this skin ailment well.


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