Sore throat – Health Pack For Laryngitis (गले का बैठना or गला ख़राब)

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Human beings are able to speak due to unique constitution of their throat and the voice box. Under normal conditions, the voice box and the throat keeps on working properly however due to overuse of the larynx or voice box or due to some problems in the working mechanism of the voice box or the throat, the larynx may suffer from inflammation, irritation or infections. Due to this problem, the larynx may suffer from certain disorders such as laryngitis. It is a condition under which the larynx suffers from inflammation. It is mainly caused due overuse of the larynx.

This condition is mainly characterized by inflammation or irritation of the vocal chords. There is swelling in the vocal chords due to which there is distortion of the sounds which is mainly caused due to passage of air through the vocal chords. That is why people suffering from laryngitis suffer from hoarseness or roughness of the voice. Even the voice may become completely undetectable in acute cases of laryngitis. Laryngitis is acute or chronic depending upon the individual causative agents and the physical conditions of the sufferer.

What causes Laryngitis?

Laryngitis may be caused due to multiple factors as mentioned hereunder.
i. Infections triggered by the viruses or bacteria
ii. Over use of voice such as shouting or yelling
iii. Chronic sinusitis
iv. Acid reflux in some cases
v. Exposure to chemicals, fumes, smoke or allergens
vi. Excessive use of alcohol
vii. Habitual overuse of voice in case of singers or cheerleaders
viii. Smoking
ix. Cancer
x. Paralysis of the vocal cord due to injury, stroke, lung tumor or other health conditions
xi. Distortion of the vocal cords due to old age
xii. Infections in the respiratory tract such as those caused due to cold, sinusitis or bronchitis

Signs and symptoms of Laryngitis
Laryngitis is characterized by various signs and symptoms as given below.
Hoarseness of the voice, loss of voice in some cases, weakness or trembling of the voice, soreness of the throat, dryness of the throat, tickling sensation in the throat, rawness of the throat, and occurrence of dry cough.

Initially, laryngitis is mainly diagnosed by taking into consideration the signs and symptoms. Apart from this, the doctor may also take record of your voice so as to check clarity of the voice and the throat. Vocal cords are also examined by the same process. Some of the chief methods used to diagnose laryngitis in any person are Laryngoscopy and biopsy.

In the first method, the motion of vocal chords may be checked using a tiny and light mirror. Alternatively, a thin, flexible and tiny camera and light may also be used which is passed onto your throat via nose or mouth. The latter technique is called as fiber-optic laryngoscopy.

On the other hand, biopsy is done by examining a sample of the tissue taken from the throat or the voice box so as to detect the exact condition and the problem. After detection of the exact problem, an apt treatment method is used to get rid of this problem.


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