Health Pack For Keloid (जख्म का उभरा हिस्सा)

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Definition – Fibrous tissue known as scar tissue repairs and protects the injured skin. Excessive growth of this tissue known as Keloids may be much larger than the wound that are usually found on the remaining skin. Keloids may be described as hard piled up scars that suddenly exist in red, purple or pink colors. Usually they occur after the injury or surgery and get enlarged. They may appear in irregular shapes and do not cave in with passage of time.

Causes of Keloid – Injury or surgery could be the reasons behind Keloids that may occur due to acne pimple, inflammation, scratching, ear piercings and burns. Chickenpox scars, surgical cuts and vaccination may also lead to Keloids that may erupt due to genetic disorders too.
Why does one get Keloid – Burns, ear piercing, acne scars and inflammation may be behind Keloids that may affect because of hereditary problems too. If not treated in time they may lead to skin cancer too. Biopsy may be suggested by the doctor.

Who gets frequent Keloid – Anybody affected with the above reasons may fall prey to Keloids that affect men and women. People having darker skin are more prone to this ailment.
Where does one get Keloid – Earlobes, shoulders, back and chest are exposed more to this problem that may affect the face too.

Symptoms of Keloid – The dome-shaped, shiny and raised scars known as Keloids are seen in pink or red colors. Large or unsightly, they may result in pain and tenderness when touched upon. A ridged or lump area of the skin is visible when anybody suffers from Keloids that may lead to itchy patches. People with this ailment often find irritation effects when wearing clothes. Usual movements may also be restricted due to Keloids that may get discolored due to sun exposure.

Treatment of Keloid
Use of Cortisone Injections (intralesional steroids) may give good results. Laser and surgery may also be helpful. Wearing silicon sheets on the affected area may also give sufficient relief. Radiation, Fluorouracil, Interferon and Cryotherapy may also be useful. The tissue can be soothed with moisturizing oil, freezing and other methods. Doctor must be consulted for proper medication.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Keloid – Sufficient relief from this disease can be had by adopting Ayurvedic System of Medicine that facilitates medicines prepared from herbal ingredients. No side effects have been reported by the patients that make use of this wonderful method of treatment. Ayurvedic principles are followed to prepare these medicines that give excellent results.

Nidanam Health Pack
Patients suffering from Keloids may use this unique health pack is based on the principles of Ayurveda. This amazing medicine is prepared by mixing the organic ingredients that are free from any toxic components. Wonderful results have been reported by large numbers of patients that have been treated fully with its use. Nidanam Health Pack is prepared by the experienced ayurvedic professionals that ensure its excellent quality.


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