Ischemic Heart Disease (दिल की बीमारी or हृदय रोगों का इलाज)

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Known as Coronary Artery Disease; Ischemic Heart Disease is the condition wherein the supply of blood to the heart is adversely affected. Buildup of cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessels blocks them and results in hurdles for the nutrients and oxygen to reach the heart muscles that needs them for feasible heart functioning. This condition may lead to heart attacks because of heart tissues running short of blood supply and sudden death of the relevant areas. Ischemic Heart Disease is associated with discomfort or chest pain and usually occurs during excitement and exertion that requires large flow of blood.

Symptoms – Breathlessness, chest pain or other such symptoms are quite common amongst the patients that suffer from Ischemic Heart Diseases. Other parts of the body including back and arms may also suffer from painful sensations. Patients may suffer from indigestion or gas like symptoms. Swelling of the extremities because of weakened heart muscles is also common. Nausea, pain in the neck or jaw, clammy skin, shoulder pain and fluctuated breathing are also the signs.

Causes –
Reduced supply of blood to the heart because of blockage of blood vessels due to accumulation of cholesterol on the walls is responsible for this problem. Decrease in supply of oxygen to the heart muscles is behind Ischemic Heart Disease. Blood clots, severe illness resulting in enhanced requirement of oxygen by the heart and coronary artery spasm etc are also the major causes of this problem. Diabetes mellitus and smoking etc also aggravate the disease. Persons suffering from hypercholesterolemia are more prone to Ischemic Heart Disease that can be caused due to hypertension. Stress and hereditary factors also result in this disease. Obesity, High BP and cholesterol, physical inactivity and smoking etc are also the major causes.

Complications – Timely care of the patients is a must otherwise Ischemic Heart Disease may lead to chronic angina, arrhythmia or congestive heart failure. Heart attacks and damage to the heart are also the possible consequences of carelessness towards this disease.

Treatment – The physician will conduct few tests to diagnose the disease and suggest suitable medications including Statins, Nitrates, CCBs and other apt medicines. Beta Blockers and Aspirin are also suggested for the patients. Doctor’s consent is a must to take any specific medicine. Stent replacement and angioplasty may be necessitated for certain patients. Coronary artery bypass graft may be suggested for few persons suffering from this problem.

Patients suffering from Ischemic Heart Disease should manage their cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Diabetic patients should be careful about the disease that may lead to complications. Smokers should quit cigarettes. Cholesterol and fat should be minimized in one’s daily diets. Low-sodium diets are suggested for the patients that should maintain usual body weight.

Prevention –
One can prevent the disease by avoiding the root causes. Sedentary lifestyle, smoking and fatty diets should be avoided. Likewise one should stay away from stress that is also responsible for this disease.

Arteriosclerosis and excessive lipid levels in the blood can be prevented by avoiding saturated fat. Excessive fat and weight can be managed with weight-management techniques, exercises and yoga asana that help to say NO to Ischemic Heart Disease.


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