Scaly Skin – Health Pack For Ichthyosis – Xeroderma (फ़िशस्किन)

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Definition – Ichthyosis is defined as a hereditary problem wherein accumulation of dead skin cells in thick and dry scales exist on the surface of the skin. Known as fish scale disease or fish skin disease; these scales may be observed during birth or in the beginning of childhood. Eczema or allergies may also be associated with Ichthyosis.
Causes of Ichthyosis – The major cause of this disease is genetic disorders related to the skin. It could be from the father as well as the mother. The one inherited from one of them is gentle while it may be severe if the genetic disorder is got from both, i.e. father and mother. Children affected with this dangerous problem may have usual skin at their birth but the roughness and scaling develops into severe problems at later on. HIV/AIDS, thyroid disease and cancer etc could also be the reasons of Ichthyosis.

Why does one get Ichthyosis – This problem usually occurs due to hereditary disorders related to one’s skin. Certain diseases including caner, thyroid disease or HIV/AIDS may also be responsible.

Who gets frequent Ichthyosis – Children with inherited disorders are prone to this disease that affects their skin.

Where does one get Ichthyosis – This problem is related to the skin that is affected with thick and dry scales.

Symptoms of Ichthyosis – Persons suffering from Ichthyosis are usually seen with accumulation of protein in the upper layer of the skin. Following are the usual signs of this disease
a. Small scales resembling tile that appear on the skin
b. Skin becomes dry and scaly
c. Brown, dirty gray, darker or white colored scales
d. Crumbling scalp
e. Skin is affected with pain and deep cracks
f. Secondary infection and overheating
Persons affected with Ichthyosis have these scales on their lower legs or elbows. The effects are severe during winter season.

Treatment of Ichthyosis – Certain tests including skin biopsy may become necessary to diagnose the problem and its exact causes. Doctors may recommend use of Alpha hydroxyl acids and Retinoids. Ointments and prescription creams may be good for this disease. Use of Retinoids should be made by consulting the doctor as it may not be viable for the pregnant women.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Ichthyosis – Ichthyosis can be got rid of by using the ayurvedic medicines that are prepared by mixing organic ingredients that do not contain any harmful elements. Ayurvedic principles are strictly followed to make these medications that do not put any damaging impact. Regular use of ayurvedic medicines provides instant and everlasting relief.

Nidanam Health Pack – This amazing health pack is much useful to treat Ichthyosis and various other diseases. Pure herbal ingredients used to prepare this extraordinary medicine are free from any harmful components. The users of this medicine get excellent results. Thousands of patients have been treated by taking Nidanam Health Pack that is prepared by following the Ayurvedic Principles. Expert medical professionals are employed to control the preparation process to ensure the worth of this pack. Patients are advised to adopt hygienic living habits and take rich diets. Use of alcohol and tobacco must be restricted. Long soaking baths, mild soaps, drying the skin, using lubricating creams and moisturizers is also good for the affected skin.


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