Health Pack For Hypothyroidism

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Definition – Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) relates to the particular condition wherein the thyroid gland is unable to produce the requisite number of certain significant hormones. The usual balance of chemicals reactions in the body is upset due to this problem that may lead to joint pains, heart problems, infertility and obesity.

Causes of Hypothyroidism – The major causes of Hypothyroidism include Pituitary disorder, congenital disease, disordered pregnancy, deficiency of iodine, autoimmune disease, age factor, hereditary problems and other such factors.

Who gets frequent Hypothyroidism – Anyone affected with the above reasons is exposed to Hypothyroidism that affects the women more, particularly the ones over sixty years of age.

Where does one get Hypothyroidism – The human physique gets affected with this problem.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism: Following signs relate to the problem –
Dry skin
Enhanced sensitivity to cold
Weight gain due to unknown reasons
Swollen face
Tired or weakened muscles
Enhanced cholesterol level
Stiffness, tenderness and aches in the muscles.
Hardened, stiff and swollen joints
Irregular or unusual menstrual periods
Thinned hair
Reduced heart beat
Loss of memory
Children suffering from this disease have poor growth, delayed teeth development, delayed puberty and poor mental development.

Treatment of Hypothyroidism – Blood tests, physical examinations, regular use of synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine (Levothroid, Synthroid, others) and apt medications including lithium are good for the people that suffer from this disease. The patients should consult their doctor before opting for any particular medicine as few of the conventional treatments may result in side effects because of poor ingredients or inapt preparation methods.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Hypothyroidism – Thousands of patients suffering from Hypothyroidism have been benefited greatly with this method of treatment that emphasizes on the well being of the sufferers across the globe. The herbal ingredients used in the ayurvedic medicines are free from any harmful elements and the users are at no risk by taking them in even manners. The ayurvedic principles are followed in strict manners during preparation of these medicines that work wonders for treatment of various diseases including Hypothyroidism. Positive results have been reported by the patients that use the ayurvedic medicines in regular manners.

Nidanam Health Pack – Patients suffering from Hypothyroidism must try this wonderful health pack that is prepared by following the Ayurvedic Principles in strict manners. The herbal ingredients used in their original form are mixed together in apt proportions to prepare Nidanam Health Pack. It acts like a strong tonic for the human health and provides permanent relief from Hypothyroidism and various other disorders. No side effects have ever been reported by any person that has used this extraordinary formulation in even manners. People suffering from this disease are advised to take healthy diets enriched with iodine that is good for them. Abstaining from alcohol and tobacco is also helpful to stay away from Hypothyroidism. Simple exercises and sufficient water is also good for the patients.


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