Health Pack For Hyperthyroidism – Graves disease

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Definition – Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) is termed as the particular condition wherein excessive hormone thyroxin is produced through the thyroid glands. Metabolism of the body gets accelerated with Hyperthyroidism that results in sudden loss of blood, irregular or fast heartbeat, irritability, nervousness and sweating apart from other problems. Thus the over activeness of the thyroid glands is dangerous and it must be checked in the initial stages to avoid complications.

Causes of Hyperthyroidism – Many factors, i.e. toxic adenoma, Graves’ disease, thyroiditis, Plummer’s disease etc are responsible for this disease that must be fought in the beginning itself.

Why does one get Hyperthyroidism – Graves’ disease that is a type of hereditary disorder is found more in the women as compared to the men. This is one of the major reasons of Hyperthyroidism that takes many persons into its fold.

Who gets frequent Hyperthyroidism – Anyone suffering from thyroiditis, Graves ’ disease or Plummer’s disease may be affected with this disease that leads to complications if not treated well in time.

Where does one get Hyperthyroidism
Ill effects of the ailment can be noticed on the human physique.

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism – Patients challenged with Hyperthyroidism are seen with the following signs –
a. Sudden loss of weight despite usual appetite and sufficient good food
b. Enhanced and irregular heartbeat
c. Improvement in appetite
d. Tremor
e. Nervousness, irritability and anxiety
f. Sweating
g. Changed menstrual patterns
h. Heat sensitivity
i. Enlarged thyroid gland usually as swelling at the neck base
j. Changed bowel patterns
k. Thinned skin
l. Tiredness and weakened muscles
m. Weak hair.
n. Swollen or red eyes with excessive tearing
o. Inflammation in the eyes, double and blurred vision.

Treatment of Hyperthyroidism – Anti-thyroid medicines and radioactive iodine is recommended for the patients that suffer from Hyperthyroidism. Beta blockers also work well with this problem Blood test, thyroid scan and study of medical history are also required. Eye muscle or orbital decompression surgery may also be suggested in serious cases. Patients should consult the doctor for adopting any particular method of treatment.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Hyperthyroidism – Ayurveda has contributed greatly for the well being of the people that suffer from any disease including Hyperthyroidism. Focus is emphasized on the ayurvedic principles for treating the patients by going into the root causes of their physical problems. Suitable ayurvedic medicines are facilitated to relieve the people that are challenged with Hyperthyroidism and its ill effects. Pure herbal ingredients are used to make these medicines that provide everlasting effective results and do not put any adverse effects on the patients’ health. Large section of the society has started taking the ayurvedic medicines that work wonders.

Nidanam Health Pack – Patients suffering from Hyperthyroidism may try this wonderful health pack that is based on the Ayurvedic Principles. The organic ingredients used to make this health pack are free from any harmful elements and the patients do not get any side effects with its regular use. They are advised to take healthy diets enriched with vitamin D and calcium. Use of cool compresses on the eyes is good. Wearing sunglasses, using lubricating eye drops and avoiding alcohol and tobacco is helpful.


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