Health Pack For Hyperacidity (पेट छाती or सीने में जलन दवा)

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Hyperacidity which also commonly called as acidity in the language of layman is a common problem which is faced by large numbers of people in present day arena. It is all due to changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits. For proper and complete digestion and absorption of foods, secretion of certain juices by the stomach is quite important. Hydrochloric acid is also an important juice or liquid that aids in digestion and absorption of foods consumed by the body. Excess production of this juice in the stomach results in the problem called as hyperacidity. This condition relevant to the stomach is quite discomforting. Due to hyperacidity, the working mechanism of the entire digestive system is disturbed. The condition of hyperacidity is also known as acid reflux and acid dyspepsia.

Causes of hyperacidity

Hyperacidity may be caused in different people due to varying factors as mentioned below.

  • Wrong eating habits such as intake of excessively spicy, oily and fried foods
  • Intake of meals at improper times
  • Skipping meals especially breakfast
  • Too much gap amid meals
  • Excessive smoking
  • Use of alcohol beyond limits
  • Use of certain drugs or medicines such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for prolonged time periods
  • Mental stress, tension, depression and anxiousness
  • Obesity or condition of over-weightiness
  • Frequent fasting
  • Pregnancy
  • Advancement in age
  • Intake of processed and junk foods more often
  • Excessive intake of white flours and white flour products
  • Intake of incompatible foods such as fish and milk or milk and salt
  • Excessive intake of caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee etc.
  • Suppression of natural urges such as passing of stools, urination, sneezing etc.
  • Sleeping during daytime particularly following meals
  • Intake of foods in the state of indigestion
  • Late night sleeping
  • Gastro duodenal ulcer
  • Dehydration caused in the body due to direct exposure to sunlight for prolonged time periods
  • Sedentary or deskbound lifestyle
  • Disturbed sleeping that has an adverse effect on the working mechanism of entire digestive system

Various Signs and symptoms of hyperacidity

Commonly noticed signs and symptoms of hyperacidity include abdominal pain, stomach heaviness, lack or loss of appetite, sour eructation, feeling of nausea and vomiting, persistent feeling of burning in the chest, constant feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, tightness in the chest, feeling of uneasiness and chest pain, flatulence, heartburn, state of restlessness, stomach bloating, stiffness in the stomach, state of indigestion and Constipation.

Suggestible home remedies for hyperacidity

  • Drink cold milk as it is a rich source of calcium that helps in soothing down the hyperacidity. You may drink small quantities of cold milk following meals. Even ice-cream may also be consumed for the same purpose.
  • Drink glass of water to which baking soda has been added in order to get quick relief from the problem of hyperacidity.
  • Mint juice can be sipped following meals so as to aid in digestion and get rid of hyperacidity.
  • Sucking cloves also offers effective relief from the problem of hyperacidity.
  • Consume bananas on regular basis so as to stay away from the problem of hyperacidity.
  • vAvoid such foods that aggravate the condition.


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