Health Pack For Hives (पित्ती उछलने)

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Definition – Also called as Urticaria; hives is the particular condition wherein swollen pale red bumps or plaques appear on the skin in sudden manners. This may be due to body’s reaction towards some particular allergens. This disease often results in sting, burn or itching that may affect the face, tongue, throat, ears, lips and other body parts. Hives may be smaller or form plaques when joined together in large numbers.

Causes of Hives – Hives are often caused due to leakage of blood plasma out of the blood vessels in the skin in response to histamine (the chemical that is released from the particular cells along the skin’s blood vessels). Other factors that are behind Hives include exposure to sunlight, insect stings, chemicals in food, allergic reactions and certain medications. Cancer, infection, hepatitis and thyroid disease may also lead to this problem.

Why does one get Hives – Stings by the insects, sunlight, chemicals, particular drugs, allergic reactions, leakage of blood plasma and other such factors may affect the humans with Hives. Heat, coldness, pressure, exercise, sweating and vibration may also result in this disease.

Who gets frequent Hives – Anybody affected with the above reasons may fall victim to this disease. People taking excessive aspirin, ibuprofen, ACE inhibitors or codeine etc may get this disease. Women are exposed more to Hives as compared to the men.

Where does one get Hives – Hives usually appear on the skin in any part of the body.

Symptoms of Hives – The Hives patients usually suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, breathlessness and paining muscles. Wheezing, dizziness, tightened chest and swelling of the face, lips or tongue are also its signs.

Treatment of Hives – Antihistamines are recommended for the patients that suffer from Hives that can be got rid of with oral corticosteroids too. Epinephrine (adrenaline) or cortisone medication may also provide sufficient relief. Doctor must be consulted before taking any medicine.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Hives – Large numbers of patients suffering from Hives and various other physical disorders have started using the ayurvedic medicines that are prepared with the organic ingredients. This method of treatment has become much popular throughout the world as nobody is affected with any adverse effect with the ayurvedic medicines. Wonderful results have been experienced by the patients that take these medicines in even manners. Genuinely priced, these medications are easily available.

Nidanam Health Pack – This exclusive health pack is prepared by following the ayurvedic principles in strict manners. Patients that make use of this excellent formulation in regular manners are fully satisfied as they find quick and permanent relief from Hives and other diseases. The herbal ingredients used to prepare this amazing medicine are free from any damaging components. Hence, the users are at zero risk. Patients are recommended to make use of cool compresses or wet clothes to soothe the affected area. Low temperature is good for them. They must avoid tight fitting and heavy clothes. Excessive intake of chocolates, nuts, tomatoes, fish, fresh berries, eggs and milk should be avoided.


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