Health Pack For Hepatitis B

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Hepatitis B is defined as the deep infection of the liver due to HBV, i.e. the hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B infection may last for six months in certain cases. Complications may result in liver cancer / failure / cirrhosis that may leave the patients with everlasting liver scarring. Youngsters are more exposed to this disease.

Causes of Hepatitis B
Unsafe sexual contact may lead to this problem. Contaminated syringes and needles may also cause this disease. Sharing of IV, i.e. intravenous drug paraphernalia is also one of the major reasons of Hepatitis B that can occur due to accidental needle sticks that affect the health care workers. Babies can be affected with this ailment if their mothers infected with HBV pass the virus to them. Homosexuality may also be behind this disease.

Why does one get Hepatitis B
Men having sex with the men are exposed to this disease that is caused due to unsafe sex with someone who is infected with HBV. Infants born to infected mothers are also prone to this problem that can occur due to sharing of needles during IV drug use.

Who gets frequent Hepatitis B
Anybody suffering from the above reasons may get this disease that can exist due to exposure to human blood. People living in or travelling to regions affected with high infection rates of HBV, e.g. Eastern Europe, Central & Southeast Asia and Africa etc may also develop this ailment.

Where does one get Hepatitis B
Ill effects of this problem are noticed on one’s liver and blood.
Symptoms of Hepatitis B
a. Fever
b. Abdominal pain
c. Dark urine
d. Decreased appetite
e. Joint pains
f. Vomiting and nausea
g. Tiredness
h. Jaundice
i. Yellowish skin

Treatment of Hepatitis B
Vaccination is one of the best remedies to get rid of the ill effects of Hepatitis B. Doctor’s advice is a must who may advise rest, fluids and nutrients if the effect is not so serious. However, chronic disease may be fought by taking antiviral medicines or liver transplant in certain cases. Safe sex is advised for all.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Hepatitis B
Ayurvedic System of Medicine recommends use of herbal medicines for the patients that suffer from Hepatitis B and its ill effects. Based on the ayurvedic principles, this noble method of treatment works wonders and provides quick and permanent relief. Patients are at no risk as pure herbal ingredients are used to make the ayurvedic medicines that have become the preferred choice of millions of people in the world.

Nidanam Health Pack
The organic ingredients used to prepare this unique health pack work wonders to say NO to Hepatitis B and various other diseases. This unique medicine is prepared by following the ayurvedic principles. Original herbal ingredients are used to make Nidanam Health Pack that does not affect in any adverse manners. Large numbers of patients use this health pack in regular manners and get excellent results. They are advised to refrain from unsafe sex, take healthy diets, avoid illicit drugs and get vaccinated. Abstinence from alcohol and tobacco is too good.


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