Health Pack For Hematuria (पेशाब में खून आना) Blood in urine

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Hematuria is related to the contents of blood that sometimes exist in the urine. It is a serious disorder that should be checked in time to avoid complications. The usual blood in the urine that can be seen with the eyes is known as Gross Hematuria while the one that can be detected with microscope is called as Microscopic Hermaturia.

Causes of Hematuria
Leakage of blood by the kidneys or other parts of the urinary tract into the urine is caused due to following reasons –
a. Kidney infections.
b. Urinary tract infections
c. Bladder or kidney stone
d. Enlarged prostate
e. Kidney disorders
f. Cancer
g. Genetic problems
h. Injured kidneys
i. Certain medicines
j. Hard exercises
k. Age
l. Recent infection
m. Family history

Why does one get Hematuria
The above reasons are responsible for this disease

Who gets frequent Hematuria
Anyone affected with the above factors is prone to this problem.

Where does one get Hematuria
Ill effects of Hermaturia can be seen in the urine that contains blood.

Symptoms of Hematuria
Presence of the blood cells in one’s urine results in turning its color to pink, red or cola. This is the major sign of Hermaturia that may not be painful but doctor may be consulted for getting rid of this problem that may lead to complications if not cured in time. Urine test is a must to check if it is Microscopic Hermaturia.

Treatment of Hematuria
Use of antibiotics with the consent of the qualified doctor may be good. It is helpful to clear urinary tract infection. Shock wave therapy may be useful to break up kidney or bladder stones. Medicines including Ex-lax, laxatives, rich diets like rhubarb, berries and beets can be helpful. Doctor’s advice is a must if you suffer from this disease.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Hematuria
With a focus and positive approach towards the patients of Hematuria; the Ayurvedic System of Medicine facilitates suitable medicines that are prepared from original herbal ingredients. No damaging components are mixed in these medications that are free from any adverse effects. Ayurvedic principles are followed while these medicines are prepared under the control of qualified ayurvedic doctors that ensure its quality. Millions of people across the globe now prefer to take these medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
This native health pack is meant for treating the patients that suffer from Hematuria and other disorders. It is based on the ayurvedic principles that are aimed on the people’s welfare and good health. Use of organic components in this wonderful medicine increases its demand and popularity amongst large numbers of people in the world. No side effects have been reported by any patient that has used Nidanam Health Pack that works wonders if it is used in even manners. Hematuria patients are advised to take sufficient water, adopt hygienic living habits, stick to rich diets and avoid alcohol & tobacco. Green vegetables and fruits are also good for the patients that suffer from this disease.


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