Health Pack For Heart diseases (दिल की बीमारी / हृदय रोग)

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Known as cardiovascular disease; heart diseases may be defined as the particular adverse conditions that affect one’s heart. Heart diseases are associated with various disorders that include blood vessel / heart rhythm / coronary artery or other various diseases linked to our heart. Blocked or narrowed blood vessels may lead to heart attack, stroke or chest pain. Adverse conditions affecting the heart muscles, rhythm or valves are also termed as heart diseases.

Causes of Heart diseases
Some of the major causes of heart diseases are as under
a. High blood pressure
b. Inherited heart defects
c. Coronary artery disease
d. Diabetes
e. Smoking
f. Alcohol
g. Stress
h. Drug abuse
i. Viruses
j. Bacteria
k. Parasites
l. Infections
m. Rheumatic fever
n. Connective tissue disorders\
o. Obesity
p. Age
q. Women affected with menopause
r. Family history
s. Poor diets
t. Enhanced cholesterol levels
u. Lack of physical activity
v. Poor hygiene

Why does one get Heart Diseases?
Any or all of the above reasons may lead to heart diseases.

Who gets frequent Heart Diseases?
Anyone affected with the above causes may develop heart diseases.

Where does one get Heart Diseases?
Effects of heart diseases can be felt on one’s heart.

Symptoms of Heart diseases
a. Breathlessness
b. Chest pain, i.e. angina
c. Narrowed or blocked blood vessels that result in numbness, weakness, coldness and pain in the arms and legs.
d. Back, upper abdomen, jaw, neck and throat become painful.
e. Lightheadedness
f. Dizziness
g. Fluttering in the chest
h. Racing or slow heartbeat
i. Pale, blue or gray skin
j. Swelling in abdomen, legs and around the eyes
k. Tiredness
l. Fever
m. Cough
n. Skin rashes and abnormal spots

Treatment of Heart diseases
Suitable medicines suggested by the qualified doctor should be taken to prevent the causes and treat heart diseases. Antibiotics may be good for heart infection. Surgery could be the last option. Lifestyle changes may also be much useful. Avoiding alcohol, smoking and oily foods may be good. Rich diets are good for the heart patients that should abstain from oily and junk foods. Simple exercises and yoga asana are also helpful.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Heart diseases
The Ayurvedic System of Medicine suggests apt medicines that are based on the ayurvedic principles. Suitable medications are fascinated for the heart patients by mixing the original herbal ingredients that are free from any harmful effects. Patients that use these medicines in even manners are benefited with sufficient relief.

Nidanam Health Pack
This wonderful health pack is prepared with a focus on the well being of the patients that suffer from heart diseases. It is based on the ayurvedic principles that are followed in strict manners to prepare this health pack. Organic ingredients used to make this formulation are advantageous and do not affect in any adverse manners. Heart patients are advised to quit smoking, say NO to alcohol, limit cholesterol, control BP, fight diabetes, take rich diets, avoid stress, maintain normal weight, adopt exercises & yoga asana and take sufficient water & fluids after frequent intervals.


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