Foul smell from Mouth Health Pack – Halitosis (सांस की दुर्गंध) मुंह की बदबू दूर करने का इलाज

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We come across many persons that suffer from bad breath, known as Halitosis in the medical terms. Other people try to stay from such people that spread harmful air because of this disorder, i.e. bad breath.

Symptoms –
Mouth odor or bad breath makes the concerned persons to breath with bad smell. Other people don’t just like it and try to avoid the people that suffer from Halitosis or bad breath. The sufferers themselves may not be able to assess the problem but others can tell them the fact.

Causes – Poor cleaning of one’s teeth may lead to this problem. Food particles usually remain the teeth because of improper dental habits. Plaque, i.e. the colorless sticky film of bacteria builds up on the teeth and may affect the gums. Persons that do not clean their teeth in proper manners are seen suffering from Halitosis.

Dryness of the mouth, i.e. xerostomia is also responsible for bad breath. This problem lowers the production of saliva that is responsible for eliminating the bad substances. Infections because of wounds, tooth removal, mouth sores or gum diseases may also be behind bad breath. Persons suffering from throat and nose problems are also liable to fall victim to Halitosis. Metabolic disorders and other diseases also contribute to this disorder that may be caused due to reflux of stomach acids too.

Treatment – The dentist may recommend use of certain toothpastes and mouth rinses that are able to kill bacteria. Contents of cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine in the mouth rinses help to reduce bad breath to great extent. Antibacterial agents in the toothpastes also prove their worth to prevent plaque buildup caused by the bacteria.

The qualified gum specialist, i.e. Periodontist should be approached in case anybody is suffering from gum diseases that result in Halitosis. He or she may recommend replacement of faulty tooth restorations that act as breeding ground for bacteria.

Needless to mention, brushing the teeth after eating is a must. Fluoride rich toothpaste should be used for proper brushing. This is the best method to stay away from bad breath that is not liked by others. Likewise, brushing the tongue in proper manners also helps to kill bacteria and its ill effects. Tongue scraper or toothbrush with built-in-tongue cleaner may be used.

Flossing once a day is also suggested to remove food particles and plaque that are responsible for this problem.

Proper cleaning of dental appliances and the dentures is a must. Do it at least once a day to kill the bacteria that leads to bad breath.

Use of tobacco should be avoided as makes the mouth dry and may result in other diseases. Likewise taking soft drinks, coffee or alcohol may also aggravate the problem. Instead do take plenty of water in a day to moisturize the mouth. Artificial saliva may be suggested for chronic dryness of the mouth. Do visit the dentist at least once or twice a year to assess the problem and say good-bye to Halitosis, i.e. bad breath that makes you shy away from others.


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