Hair Loss and Dandruff Care (बालों का झड़ना और गिरना)

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Beautiful healthy hair is a great pride for all, particularly the ladies. The onlookers are impressed with the enchanting hair that creates feelings of sensations. Few unlucky persons suffering from hair loss and dandruff depend upon certain medications and other treatments.

Causes of hair loss – The major cause of hair loss is Fungi. Age is also responsible for thinning, loss or breakage of the hair. Hair loss can occur because of one’s poor health. Those taking any particular medicines may be affected with side effects, e.g. chemotherapy etc. Testosterone, the particular hormone may also be responsible for hair loss. Failure of the endocrine to control this hormone may lead to hair problems. Growth of our hair and its beauty depends much upon our diets. People taking rich diets enjoy beautiful hair. Unhealthy foods are prone to hair loss and dandruff problems. Higher levels of hair loss are experienced by the stressed people while the happy guys have good hair.

Dandruff & its causes – Dandruff is a condition related to our scalp that bears white flakes. The dead skin cells on the superficial skin layer result in dandruff that may lead to hair fall. Unusual shedding of dead epidermal cells by the scalp is responsible for dandruff. Overgrowth of fungus, i.e. malassezia, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis and other factors also cause dandruff. Inapt shampoos, unhygienic habits, poor diets and certain ailments may also be behind this problem.

Dandruff and Hair-Loss – Hair loss occurs because of dandruff that affects the hair in indirect manners. Weakening of the hair roots due to scratching of the flaky scalp is behind hair loss. Thus, dandruff is one of the major factors responsible for hair loss.

Treatments – Variety of medicines and other treatment methods are available. The physician should be consulted to choose the best method that may be suitable enough to fix the problem without causing any side effects. Following tips can be of great help.

  • Antifungal agents – Making use of selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, sulfur, zinc pyrithione and coal tar can prove its worth to treat dandruff. Enriched with anti-itching and antiseptic features; coal tar helps to get rid of dandruff. Zinc pyrithione us helpful in reducing the epidermal cells. It is able to stop the reaction that is behind dandruff and hair loss.
  • Salicylic Acid – Scalp scales can be loosened with Salicylic acid that acts like a strong exfoliating agent. It may be used along with antifungal treatments.
  • Topical corticosteroids – Persons suffering from serious hair problems like acute seborrheic dermatitis may use topical corticosteroids with the consent of the physician.
  • Those suffering from dandruff and other problems that are behind hair loss should use soft shampoos that help to give sufficient relief. Quality shampoos work well and are useful to get rid of the relevant symptoms.
  • Cleaning the hair on regular basis is also a must as it removes the germs and other toxic substances.
  • One can make use of certain home remedies including white vinegar, tea tree oil or olive oil etc that are also helpful.
  • Undoubtedly rich diets also strengthen the hair and also reduce the chances of dandruff and hair loss.


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