Health Pack For Guillain Barré Syndrome

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Guillain Barré Syndrome relates to a particular condition wherein the body’s nerves are attacked by its immune system which results in tingling, numbness, tiredness and weakness of one’s extremities. This disorder may affect the whole physique that may become paralyzed.

Causes of Guillain Barré Syndrome
Digestive or respiratory tract infection often leads to this disease that may get triggered because of immunization or recent surgery. The nerves are affected by the immune system that damages its protective covering, i.e. the myelin sheath thereby preventing it from sending the signals to the brain. Influenza virus, HIV and influenza or childhood vaccinations may also trigger this disease.

Why does one get Guillain Barré Syndrome
The latest surgery, immunization, infection related to respiratory or digestive tract is responsible for this disease that damages the nerves.

Who gets frequent Guillain Barré Syndrome
People belonging to all age groups can be affected with this disease that takes the older adults and men more into its fold.

Where does one get Guillain Barré Syndrome
Nerves are affected due to this problem.

Symptoms of Guillain Barré Syndrome
Persons suffering from this problem are often seen with –
a. Weakened legs and the weakness may move upward.
b. Wrists, ankles, toes and fingers may feel sensations of pins or needles being pricked into them.
c. Difficulty in walking and climbing the stairs.
d. Swallowing, chewing, speaking, facial and eye movements become difficult.
e. Acute pain that enhances at night.
f. Increased heart rate
g. Bladder control and bowel functions become difficult.
h. Difficult breathing and blood pressure

Treatment of Guillain Barré Syndrome
Ill effects of this physical problem can be decreased with plasma exchange, immunoglobulin therapy. Preventing blood clots is also good. Medicines and other treatments may be adopted under the guidance of the qualified doctors.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Guillain Barré Syndrome
The Ayurvedic System of Medicine treats this disease with positive approach. The underlying causes of the problem are found out followed by suitable herbal medicines. Pure herbal ingredients are use to make these medications that are free from any harmful elements. The users are at zero risk to take these medicines that are prepared under the control of qualified ayurvedic doctors who ensure its standard quality. Many patients have been treated with these medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
Based on the ayurvedic principles this exclusive health pack has been able to provide quick and permanent relief to large number of patients that suffer from Guillain Barré Syndrome. No side effects have been reported by them as they are fully satisfied with Nidanam Health Pack that contains the pure herbal ingredients which do not affect adversely. Services of eminent medical professionals are hired to prepare this wonderful health pack that reaches the patients in perfect manners. Strict checks are carried out at different levels to maintain its worth. Patients are recommended to adopt simple exercises, yoga asana and take rich diets but avoid fried or spiced food / alcohol / tobacco.


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