Health Pack For Glaucoma ग्लूकोमा (आँख में दबाव)

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Glaucoma is the particular condition related to our eyes when various disorders affect them by damaging the optic nerves that may lead to total blindness. This problem usually occurs because of intraocular pressure, i.e. high levels of strain. Usually this disease may harm you in gradual manners and lead to complications if not treated in time.

Causes of Glaucoma
Enhanced intraocular pressure within the eyes is the major culprit that is responsible for Glaucoma. Accumulation of aqueous humor, a fluid flowing in and out of the eyes is behind this pressure. Improper drainage of this fluid leads to its buildup and in turn the intraocular pressure.

Why does one get Glaucoma
Anybody suffering from the following may develop glaucoma.
a. Enhanced intraocular pressure because of aqueous humor buildup due to its improper drainage.
b. Age factor also aggravates this disease. People crossing sixtieth year of age may fall victim to this disease.
c. Ethnic background.
d. Genetic disorders.
e. Medical and other eye disorders.
f. Excessive use of corticosteroid medicines.

Who gets frequent Glaucoma
People affected with the above reasons may get Glaucoma.

Where does one get Glaucoma
Ill effects of this disease can be felt in the eyes.

Symptoms of Glaucoma
Loss of vision in gradual manners.
Tunnel vision when the disease becomes serious.
Paining eyes.
Red eyes
Visual disturbance
Unclear vision
Halos around the lights.

Treatment of Glaucoma
Glaucoma can be got rid of by decreasing intraocular pressure with proper drainage of the aqueous humor fluid. Loss of vision due to this pressure can be minimized with the help of suitable medicines in the form of eye drops or other medications that should be used with the guidance of the expert eye specialists. Using prostaglandins, beta blockers, alpha-adrenergic agonists, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, miotic or cholinergic agents etc may give good results. Laser or Filtering Surgery and drainage implants may work wonders for the patients that suffer from glaucoma. Doctor’s advice should be sought in any case.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Glaucoma
Ayurvedic System of Medicine has proved its worth by facilitating apt medicines that are meant to cure glaucoma and other eye disorders. Prepared under the expert eye experts, these medicines are made by mixing the original herbal ingredients that do not contain any harmful elements. The users do not get affected in any adverse manners with these medicines that are based on the ayurvedic principles.

Nidanam Health Pack
Glaucoma can be got rid of with this extraordinary medicine that contains the organic ingredients that are free from any damaging components. This wonderful health pack is prepared by following the principles of Ayurveda. Patients that use this medicine are benefited greatly and do not experience any side effects. They are advised to take rich diets that contain vitamins and nutrients. Regular exercising, abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol is good for the patients that must take sufficient water and fluids. Relaxation techniques for the eyes are also good to say NO to Glaucoma.


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