Health Pack For GERD (Acid reflux disease)

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GERD, i.e. Gastro esophageal reflux disease is defined as the condition wherein the stomach content or stomach acid makes backward entry into the food pipe, i.e. esophagus. This backflow of the stomach acid is harmful and results in irritation of the lining of one’s esophagus. Occurrence of such conditions may damage the esophagus.

Causes of GERD
Acid reflux, i.e. backflow of stomach acid or bile into the esophagus is the major reason of GERD. The circular band of the muscle around the lower esophagus helps the food and liquid to move into the stomach when we swallow something. However damaged valve may result in backflow of the stomach acid into the esophagus that leads to heartburn. Certain other aspects, i.e. dry mouth, pregnancy, obesity, smoking, diabetes, asthma, delayed emptying of the stomach, alcohol or scleroderma etc may aggravate this problem.

Who gets frequent GERD
Anyone affected with the above causes is prone to this disease regardless of his age or sex. As such, the patients should prevent the causes.

Where does one get GERD
Ill effects of GERD can be experienced in the stomach.

Symptoms of GERD
a. Heartburn with burning chest.
b. Disordered throat and sour taste in the mouth.
c. Paining chest.
d. Swallowing becomes difficult
e. Dry cough
f. Sore throat with hoarseness
g. Feeling of lump in the throat
h. Shortness of breath
i. Jaw or arm pain

Treatment of GERD
Over-the-counter medicines may be useful to say NO to GERD that can be cured with antacids, anti-acid production medicines and other such treatments that may be suggested by the doctor. However one should be aware of their use as few of the allopathic medicines contain harmful elements and are harmful.

Role of Ayurveda in treating GERD
Ayurveda plays a great role in treating this and various other diseases. It finds out the exact reasons of the problems and then suggests suitable ayurvedic medicines that are based on the ayurvedic principles. Use of herbal ingredients is made by mixing them in apt proportions. No harmful elements are contained in such organic components. Hence the patients using such medicines are not affected in any adverse manners. The worth of ayurvedic medicines is maintained by exercising strict precautionary measures while preparing them. Services of competent medical professionals are hired for making them so that they reach the patients in perfect manners.

Nidanam Health Pack
This home-grown health pack is quite effective as far as GERD or other problems are concerned. Organic ingredients are used to prepare this wonderful medicine that does not affect in any adverse manners. This herbal pack is based on the ayurvedic principles and its quality is maintained by exercising strict checks at different levels. Patients receive Nidanam Health Pack in intact manners. It is easily procurable and costs much less than the other traditional medicines. Patients are advised to maintain normal weight, avoid fried or oily foods, eat in smaller, take sufficient water, avoid smoking & drinks and adopt exercises and yoga asana.


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