Health Pack For Gall Bladder stone पित्त की पथरी

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Gall Bladder Stones may be referred to as hard deposits that exist in the gallbladder which is responsible for storing bile, the digestive fluid. Gall Bladder Stones consist of salt, cholesterol or bilirubins. Quite painful, these stones may range from tiny sand grains to golf ball sizes.

Causes – Following are the major reasons behind Gall Bladder Stones:

  • Excessive levels of cholesterol in the bile. This extra cholesterol takes the shape of gall bladder stones. Excessive production of cholesterol by the liver results in this problem.
  • Over production of Bilirubin by the liver is also behind the stones.
  • Gall Bladder Stones may develop because of inadequate emptying of the gallbladder from the bile.
    Concentrated buildup of bile also turns into these stones.

Symptoms – Persons affected with gall bladder stones usually complain of painful sensations in the upper abdomen. Fever, yellowish tint in the eyes and the skin & vomiting or nausea are also common amongst the patients. They may suffer from clay-colored stools. Usual sickness, sweating and chills are also the signs of these stones. Females, persons over forty years of age, and those suffering from diabetes are more prone to gall bladder stones. Overweight persons and those suffering from IBS or Crohn’s disease may also fall victim to this problem. Those remaining inactive may also develop Gall Bladder Stones.

Diagnosis – The patients may have to undergo blood tests, ultrasound scans, X-rays and MRI or CT scan etc. Physical examination including that of the eyes may also be required. Gallbladder Radionuclide Scan may also become necessary in certain cases.

Treatment – Patients may be advised to adopt medication or surgical operations that depend upon the nature of the problem. Use of ursodeoxycholic acid is helpful to dissolve non-calcified cholesterol gallstones. Medications meant for curing the gallbladder stones may take much time as dissolving the cholesterol is time-consuming. If the gallbladder stones are minor, the patients can be treated with medicines.
Surgery is usually recommended to remove the gallbladder stones. Known as Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal; this operation is conducted by the qualified doctors. They carry out general anesthesia and three to four incisions on the abdomen and insert lighted small device into one of the incisions to remove the stones. The patients can go home the same day if the procedure is successful. Generally no stones reoccur after this operation that is followed by suitable medicines.

Prevention –
Risk of gallbladder stones can be reduced with the following tips.

  • Balanced diets are good for the people that suffer from the symptoms of gallbladder stones. Regular foods are a must.
  • Taking enough water in a day is good. It hydrates the body and helps to remove the toxins.
  • Persons suffering from obesity should lose extra fat in gradual manners and not quickly as it may aggravate the problem.
  • Patients may opt for lithotripsy that involves tightly focused ultrasonic shock waves that help to break up the stones into smaller pieces. Services of experienced physicians should be availed.


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