Health Pack For G6PD Deficiency

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G6PD Deficiency relates to the genetic disorder that affects the Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme which helps to turn carbohydrates into energy. This enzyme, i.e. G6PD is made in the red blood cells. Shortage of G6PD results in damage to the red blood cells.

Causes of G6PD Deficiency
Exposure to certain chemicals or medicines may lead to this problem. It may result in haemolytic anemia that is the cause of low levels of red blood cells. Inherited disorders are also responsible for this problem. Excessive use of certain drugs like quinine, sulfonamides, aspirin etc may also be behind this disease. Certain viral or bacterial infections, pollen and excessive use of fava beans may also be its cause.

Why does one get G6PD Deficiency
Genetic disorders are usually responsible for this disease that occurs due to certain medicines or chemicals. Taking excessive sulfonamides, quinine and aspirin may also be behind this problem. Bacterial or viral infections and pollen may also cause this disease.

Who gets frequent G6PD Deficiency
Anybody affected with the above reasons may fall victim to this disease. It affects the men more as compared to the women.

Where does one get G6PD Deficiency
Ill effects of this disease can be seen on the body.

Symptoms of G6PD Deficiency
Shortage and damaged blood cells are its major symptom. Persons suffering from G6PD Deficiency often complain of fast breathing and rapid heart rate. The color of their urine turns yellow-orange or dark. Their skin becomes yellow and spleen gets enlarged.

Treatment of G6PD Deficiency
Testing one’s blood helps to assess the deficiency level of G6PD enzyme. Complete blood count, hemoglobin and testing the level of bilirubin may also be helpful to know the exact position of the disease. Immature red blood cells can be assessed with reticulocye count. Rich diets are recommended for the patients that may use other medicines too with the guidance of the qualified doctors.

Role of Ayurveda in treating G6PD Deficiency
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is one of the best remedies to control this harmful physical disorder that affects in adverse manners. Prepared with the original herbal ingredients, the ayurvedic medicines are aimed at the well being of the patients that suffer from G6PD Deficiency or other disorders. No side effects are involved in these medications that do not contain any harmful elements in them. This method of treatment has become the preferred choice of millions of people in the world. Effective results are provided with the ayurvedic medicines.

Nidanam Health Pack
This wonderful health pack is prepared by following the ayurvedic principles in strict manners. Organic ingredients are mixed in apt proportions to make this amazing medicine that works wonders for the patients suffering from G6PD Deficiency and various other disorders. This medicine does not affect in any adverse manners and the users are at no risk. Positive results have been reported by large numbers of patients that have used it in even manners. Quality of Nidanam Health Pack is maintained by exercising strict checks at different levels so that the patients get this medicine in perfect manners.


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