Loss of sex in females Health Pack (Frigidity)

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Frigidity may be termed as woman’s inability to enjoy orgasm during sexual intercourse. It is an unusual behavior on the part of the women that lack sufficient desire for sex. Generally, cold behavior, lack of excitement and depressed state of mind of the ladies during sex are termed as frigidity. Lack of sexual response, sexual arousal with great difficulty and inability to gain orgasm during sexual intercourse are associated with Frigidity.

Causes – Following factors are responsible for this disorder:

  • Vaginal spasms (vaginismus) may be the cause of this problem.
  • Women suffering from pain (dyspareunia) are also reluctant to get into sexual intercourse.
  • Psychological factors may also be responsible for this sexual disorder. Ladies suffering from anxiety and depression show cold behavior towards sexual activities.
  • Irresponsible behavior of the sex-partner may also result in frigidity in the women. Males that are unable to arouse the women for sexual intercourse are behind frigidity. Few men do not care for the women’s emotional and physical requirements. It is also the major cause of frigidity.
  • Proper communication between the opposite sexes is a must. Many couples fail in this regard. Women consider sex to be the source of physical and emotional satisfaction. Sexual life of the couples depends much upon this emotional bond that is a must for successful sexual intercourse and arousal of the ladies. Men should talk to them in free manners and find out solutions if the women suffer from any sexual problem.
  • Ejaculatory problems and erectile dysfunction in the men may also aggravate frigidity in the women.
  • Chronic depression may also result in this disorder.
  • Improper knowledge about birth control methods may also affect the women. Few of them may be reluctant for sex because of getting pregnant for which they are not prepared.
  • Religious backgrounds and constraints may also make the women to suffer from frigidity that discourages the sexual desires.
  • Fear of pain during sexual intercourse in the newlywed women and diseases including AIDS may also result in this problem.
  • Age also plays a great role in sexual arousal. Elder women refrain from frequent sexual intercourse.
  • Removal of uterus, psychological problems like rape or sexual abuse in the past may also debar the women to enjoy sex.

Treatment – Women need proper care and treatment. Looking into the above reasons, following tips can work wonders:

  • Doctor must be consulted by the women that suffer from vaginal spasms, pains or anxiety etc. The qualified physician and psychologist will render suitable advice and medicines for treating physical as well as mental problems.
  • Male sex partners should take proper care of their females. They should talk to them freely and discuss the aspects related with the ladies problems related to their sexual life.
  • Men suffering from their own sexual disabilities should get the same treated at the earliest and involve the females for successful sexual intercourse.
  • Proper sex education is a must both for both sexes, particularly the women to get rid of the fears or doubts from sexual intercourse.


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