Health Pack For Fibroadenoma

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Fibroadenoma is defined as hard breast tumors that are noncancerous. These usual breast lumps are found generally in teenager girls and young women less than thirty years of age. These rubbery well shaped lumps usually do not pain and move conveniently beneath the skin when touched. Varied in sizes, they may shrink or enlarge on their own.

Causes of Fibroadenoma
Fibroadenomas are often caused during the reproductive years. Related to the reproductive hormones, Fibroadenomas often enlarge with hormone therapy or when the women are pregnant. Any problem with the reproductive hormones may lead to this disorder. Decrease in the hormone levels or menopause may result in their shrinkage. Hormones like the estrogen may be behind this problem that may affect because of using contraceptives before reaching twentieth year of age.

Why does one get Fibroadenoma
Any disorder related to the reproductive hormones may be the root cause of Fibroadenomas that are noticed in the teenager girls and young women that develop these rubbery breast lumps. Estrogen can also result in this problem that can affect because of contraceptives used by the teenager girls before attaining the age of twenty.

Who gets frequent Fibroadenoma
Adolescent girls and women under thirty years of age are usually exposed to Fibroadenomas that are related to their breasts.

Where does one get Fibroadenoma
Fibroadenomas exist in the breasts of young women and teenage girls.

Symptoms of Fibroadenoma
Fibroadenomas are round in shape and have separate borders. They can be moved easily if touched upon. Painless, firm and rubbery they are well shaped. A marble like feeling will be experienced if you press them. Women may have one or many Fibroadenomas that vary in sizes and can be detected with ultrasound or mammogram.

Treatment of Fibroadenoma
Generally, the patients get relieved from fibroadenomas at their own. Surgical treatment is also good to remove these breast lumps after clinical breast exam that include imaging test and biopsy. Few ladies prefer to avoid surgery and wish ultrasounds of breasts for detecting the changes in the size and appearance of the lumps. But the doctor may advise them for surgery if one of the exams, i.e. imaging test, clinical breast exam or biopsy is not normal. Excisional biopsy or lumpectomy involves removal of breast tissue for detection of cancer in the lab. Another method is Cryoablation that involves insertion of a thin device that is inserted to the Fibroadenoma through the skin. The tissue is frozen with gas. Fresh fibroadenomas may develop after removing the existing one. Biopsy, ultrasound and mammograms may be used to assess the new ones.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Fibroadenoma
This noble method of treatment is much effective in dealing with various diseases including Fibroadenoma. Suitable medicines based on the principles of Ayurveda are suggested for the patients that are not affected in any adverse manners.

Nidanam Health Pack
Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this is an excellent formulation for the patients that suffer from Fibroadenoma and various other problems. It does not harm in any adverse manner like few of the traditional medicines that put side effects. Regular checkups and scheduled mammograms and breast-self exams are recommended for the patients. Abstinence from alcohol & tobacco and intake of enough water is good.


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