Health Pack For Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is the disordered condition of our central nervous system. This neurological disorder results in seizure that leads to disturbed brain, unconsciousness, unusual behavior and other sensations. Staring blankly for some time and twitching of legs or arms are its symptoms. It must be treated to avoid complications, particularly during swimming, driving or such activities.

Causes of Epilepsy
a. Brain tumors, strokes or such disorders linked with brain.
b. Hereditary problems.
c. Head trauma because of injury or car accident may trigger seizure.
d. Developmental problems including neurofibromatosis and autism.
e. Infectious ailments like viral encephalitis, AIDS and meningitis.
f. Prenatal injury.

Why does one get Epilepsy
Genetic disorders, strokes or tumors, head trauma, age, head injury, dementia and brain infections are responsible for this disease. It can occur because of prenatal injury or meningitis and AIDS too.

Who gets frequent Epilepsy
Anybody affected with the above causes may fall prey to Epilepsy.

Where does one get Epilepsy
This disease affects brain but its effects can be seen on the whole body.

Symptoms of Epilepsy
Seizures due to Epilepsy can affect the brain conditions. Anybody suffering from this ailment may be seen with confusion, staring spell, extreme jerking of legs or arms, psychic symptoms and unawareness. Serious disease may result in acute rash, depression, suicidal feelings and inflammation of liver or other organs.

Treatment of Epilepsy
Anti-seizure medications known as anti-epileptic medicines are advised to treat this disease. Diets rich in fats but low in carbohydrates are recommended for the patients. Doctor’s assistance should be taken for taking the medicines as he or she is the person to decide the right treatment. Surgery may also be good in certain cases.

Role of Ayurveda in treating Epilepsy
Ayurvedic System of Medicine is one of the best methods to get rid of this disease that affects the brain functioning. Suitable medicines are suggested after finding out the exact reasons of Epilepsy. Use of organic ingredients is made to prepare the ayurvedic medicines that are free from any side effects. Ayurvedic principles are followed in strict manners to make available effective medicines to the patients. Millions of people across the globe have switched over to Ayurvedic Medicines that provide complete relief from different diseases.

Nidanam Health Pack
This indigenous health pack works wonders for the patients that suffer from Epilepsy and its ill effects. Based on the ayurvedic principles, this amazing medicine calms down the brain and energizes it. People that take it in regular manners are provided instant and total relief.

Prepared with the organic ingredients, Nidanam Health Pack does not affect in any adverse ways. Strict quality checks are carried out by the competent doctors to ensure the worth of this health pack. Patients are advised to take rest, sufficient sleep, adopt exercises, avoid tobacco & alcohol and take sufficient water. They should avoid stress, join support group, remain calm during seizures and take rich diets.


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